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November 6, 2010

American Rag

Plus models Alison Hamata (Ford+), Chole Marshall, (Ford+), Aimee,  Michelle Olsen, (Ford+) , Sheridan Watson (WCurve).

American Rag is the newest hot line at Macy’s that caters to the junior plus size market. To launch the Spring 2011 line, Madison Pluswas invited to see plus models Alison Hamata, Chloe Marshall, Michelle Olson, Sheridan Watson, and Alison Hamata strike a pose in some of the line’s best pieces. The Spring 2011 collection has a carefree yet stylish feel to it that is complemented with floral prints and a bohemian vibe. We can not wait till these pieces are on Macy’s website so we can shop the models looks! Check out some of our favorite pictures from the event! 

Alison Hamata (Ford+) and Chole Marshall (Ford+) bond over the American Rag style.

Alison Hamata (Ford+) gives a close-up for the camera.

Sheridan Watson strikes a pose in American Rag.

Michelle Olson of Ford + shows off her beautiful smile.

The beautiful floral bohemian prints look fresh on the rack for the Spring 2011 season!

What do you think of the American Rag collection at Macy’s?

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  1. fedel's Gravatar fedel
    October 4, 2011 at 5:16 am | Permalink

    wow I like

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