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March 27, 2012

Clements Ribeiro for Evans

 In an attempt to bring fashion-forward style to the plus size world, plus retailer, Evans, has hired the bohemian-style husband and wife design duo Suzanne Clements and Inacio Ribeiro to create a collection that is both very sexy and very fashionable, to be named Clements Ribeiro “Swan Collection”. Expected to go on sale this Saturday, March 31st on both UK and USA websites, and in stores April 2nd.

The Clements Ribeiro collection is expected to sell out completely and already has one famous fan: Adele, who wore Clements Ribeiro to the Grammys, Brit’s and to her live performance at the Alberto Hall last year. A collection made up of horizontal stripes, patterns, color-blocking, and sheer and shiny fabrics bringing a refreshing and stylish collection that has not been seen thus far in plus size fashion. The Clements Ribeiro team did their leg work and actually used Adele as their fit model, along with a UK size 22 fit model.

As well as fitting clothes on Adele, we used a size 22 model in our studio. For example, the most important factor is the breasts: we want to display them to their best advantage. We discovered that every big girl is big in a different way but, generally, their waists are much higher.” - Inacio Ribeiro

We are so appreciative of the time, research and fitting that Clements Ribeiro did in putting this collection together rather than just simply “sizing up” their items for a plus line. All the special details that have gone into this collection will hopefully show other designers what plus fashion is really all about!

Read more: Daily Mail



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