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April 19, 2013

Street Style: Coachella Edition, Round 2

The temperatures rose and layers came off, but these curvy girls still found a way to look funky and stylish. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival takes place in the Mojave Desert near Los Angeles, and is not known for being too cool. But these ladies sure looked cool in their flower crowns, sunglasses, and colorful bandeaus layered under sheer tops.


Acid wash denim and a lace top is a perfect mix of edgy and sweet. Flower crowns are a festival favorite, and are very difficult to wear almost anywhere other than at a festival! Amazing accessories from rings to crowns to funky rimmed shades, this curvy girl totally rocked the heat.

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Does she look like she is glowing angelically? It can be hard to look stylish when you want to take off all of your clothes to stop from being too hot- but she took off her shoes instead! The floral tie top looks great paired with a hot pink bandeau and worn denim shorts. Festivals are the time to be free, so be barefoot and let your hair blow in the wind, become one with nature!

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What a perfect way to keep the sun off your face, a cute bucket straw hat! Paired with a tank and a floral flowy skirt, this is the smartest and most stylish way to keep comfy and cool when most are sacrificing their comfort for music!

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