About Us

In a world where everyone craves perfection and beauty is perceived to be all about fitting in a box, Madison Plus is all about breaking the glass ceiling and creating your own mold!

My name is Maggie Walker, and I am a fashion enthusiast and a proud supporter of the body positivity movement! Our team works hard in bringing you the best of product guides and news that is irrelevant to your gender or body type. We want people to be proud and confident in their skin and strut their stuff with panache.

I am truly passionate about different styles of clothing, fabrics, and all things fashion! I dedicate hours scouring blogs, magazines, shopping sites, any material that I can find to bring you the best information so that you don’t have to waste your time researching.

Our tips are doled out not to change you but to enhance your already gorgeous features!

I’m Hooked, What Else Is There?

Madison Plus is your one-stop website for all things fashion and self-care. Interactive and helpful blogs, well-researched, and genuinely thoughtful product guides, you name it, we got it.

We don’t kid around with our content. The sheer amount of useful information that you will find on here will transform your life, we bet ya! I sift through the infinite pages available to bring you the best suggestions that will save you time, money, and effort.

Who Else Is There?

Meet our talented team

  • Maggie Walker (Director) – Maggie has invaluable experience working in the fashion industry. When it comes to fitting and clothing, only a select few can match up to her. She oversees every aspect and has put her heart and soul in MadisonPlus.
  • Jamie Brown (Manager) – Jamie is a passionate and effective addition to the MadisonPlus Family! With her knowledge and experience, the website continues to grow and is on track to achieve set goals.
  • Thomas Johnson (Content Editor) – Thomas is our star editor, who ensures that whatever is put up in front of our readers meets our highest standards.
  • Surbhi (Content Writer) – Surbhi is our expert weaver of words. Like other members, she is a fashion enthusiast and loves writing.

What Do We Do?

My motive is to make people confident in their skin, and I make suggestions to help on the journey to put your best foot forward. With saturated markets, everything is available at the click of a button, but how much of it is actually good? What is actually worth buying? We help you figure it out.

We read every query that our readers send in, and based on that, we decide the topics with which people are struggling most with. My team and I then read through every website and product to bring you the best recommendations. We don’t just tap away on our keyboards; we also put in hours to reach out to suppliers, tailors, boutique owners to find out what’s actually good and other clarifications, if needed.

After receiving insider information, we try out the product ourselves for weeks. We never base our reviews on first impressions, and our team makes sure that everyone gets their opinion accounted for. 

We then start typing away, making lists, and accumulating other necessary information required for buyers to make a sound decision.

Our content is not all bells and whistles; we actually put the time and effort into ensuring that readers derive actual benefits and come back to read more. Our guides also contain:

  • Quick comparisons with rapid-fire features at a glance
  • Helpful buying guides with all the factors needed to make an enlightened decision
  • Detailed reviews with a quick rundown of features
  • What we liked and didn’t like for each product

In addition to product guides, we also write about helpful tricks, tips, and the latest news in the industry.

I don’t claim to be a know-it-all. I am always striving to educate myself more as fashion is ever-evolving, and I learn new things every single day. I am just someone with a penchant for fashion and years of experience and knowledge in the field. We want our readers to profit off of what we know!

What Do We Write About?

We created MadisonPlus with the aim to create a one-stop destination for all things fashion regardless of what size you are. Among other things, we focus majorly on:

  • Shapewear
  • Beauty
  • Wellness
  • Selfcare
  • Fashion
  • Accessories

What Is Fashion To Us?

We understand that everyone’s idea of fashion differs; MadisonPlus believes in encompassing every culture and every body type. For us, fashion is a glimpse into the soul of the person. It can be full of playfulness, seriousness, and entertainment – the world is your oyster!

A cloth is simply not a cloth, but it has a personal communication and represents a distinctive memory of every time it is worn. We want to help you create those moments that will be etched forever in your mind for years to come!

So, here is to trying new things, learning, and growing!