Can Spanx Cause Blood Clots? (A Clinician Chimes In)

pain on the tummy side

Spanx, if worn every day, can cause blood clots. Doctors warn that wearing compression garments over extended periods can cause health issues. According to Dr. John Kuemmerle, in addition to causing blood clots, Spanx can “intensify acid reflux and heartburn” and “trigger esophagitis.” In general, doctors warn that Spanx can induce stiffness in the legs, … Read more

How to Wash Spanx Leather Leggings (Easy Guide)

woman in black heels and black legging

Have you finally discovered the ideal pair of Spanx faux leather leggings but don’t know how to wash them properly? Reading the care label usually will not provide enough information to clean and rinse your leggings. Because the material is different from conventional spandex or polyester, imitation leather takes additional care to keep it in … Read more

Can Spanx Help you Fit Into a Dress?

gorgeous woman in red dress

Spanx’s priority is to see that women of all body types, sizes, and shapes feel comfortable and confident in any dress they wear. It’s among the best shapewear brands for women but when you’re getting ready for a dress that just doesn’t fit anymore a lot of women doubt whether it will help them fit. … Read more

Spanx After Lipo (Guide and Recommendations)

surgeon marking a portion of a tummy before performing a liposuction

Compression garments are an essential part of liposuction recovery. They are worn to help reduce swelling, prevent fluid accumulation, and speed up the healing process. Compression garments come in many styles, shapes, and sizes. You should always consult your doctor before purchasing a garment, as they can vary significantly in effectiveness. The best garments are … Read more

How to Keep Spanx from Rolling Down (Guide)

woman wearing a shapewear that rolled down

If you have ever made use of high-waisted shapewear, you’d agree what a wonderful product Spanx is. It’s an amazing body shaper that sorts out all kinds of lumps, gives you a perfect fit, and builds outstanding confidence for you to flaunt your favorite dresses. However, it can be a real mess when it rolls … Read more

Spanx Make Me Look Fatter (Do They Really? How to Fix)

woman holding her belly with a tape measure on her hand

Spanx and other body shapers are a popular way to smooth out your figure and give you that extra boost of confidence. However, some women find that these garments actually make them look fatter. The problem lies in how the garment is designed and you wear it. When you wear a body shaper under your … Read more

Does Shapewear Help You Lose Weight?

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Some people still wonder if shapewear can truly help you lose weight. The answer is yes, it can temporarily help if used appropriately along with controlling your diet and exercise. The Studies out There While examining studies and looking for a real reply to this our editor found there were no concrete studies that showed … Read more

What Shapewear Do Celebrities Wear?

celebrity on a red carpet with the paparazzi

Let’s be honest. Celebrities can look gorgeous and perfect showing their smooth curves and perfect bodies. Some have done plastic surgery to enhance their looks. While others have a strict physical exercise routine to maintain their appearance. But… Celebrities also have another secret. Many wear shapewear crafted from breathable, high-quality stretch fabric. So which shapewear … Read more

What Size Shapewear Do I Need (Guide)

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One of the secrets to feeling comfortable and achieving the desired look you want with shapewear is choosing the proper shapewear for the proper occasion and getting the size right. You don’t have to be a lingerie expert to do this. With our guide, you’ll finally have confidence in choosing a size and suitable shapewear … Read more