Can you Sleep in Shapewear?

Though you can achieve visual results fast with shapewear, you may need to wear them for months to cement that silhouette shape.

And most people wonder if they can shorten the process by sleeping in shapewear.

You can sleep with shapewear. But, ultra-tight shapewear can cause you discomfort or carry health problems.

You’ll find everything you need to know about sleeping with shapewear in this article. Let’s dive in.

What are the Best Practices of Sleeping in a Waist Trainer?

The time recommended for wearing a waist trainer is 8-10 hours. And you may decide your sleep time is the best. But waist trainers hold your midsection tightly and you don’t want to disrupt your sleep or harm yourself in the process. Here’s what you should do.

Find a Loose Waist Trainer

loose waist trainer

You’ll still get your desired shape with a loose body shaper. Though it may take longer, the health benefits are worth it. So, don’t ruin your sleep with a super tight waist trainer.

Go for a Short Waist Trainer

short shapewear

Instead of covering your entire midsection, you can instead choose a waist trainer covering your tummy. It will be easier to breathe, and you’ll still get results.

What about Sleeping Position?

Your sleeping position matters when it comes to sleeping with a body shaper. What’s your sleeping position? Find out how you should sleep below.

Side Sleepers

side sleeping position

A gap forms between the bed and your torso when sleeping on the side with your waist trainer. This may cause you to lose balance and end up with stiffness and pain in your hip or back.

The solution, in this case, would be a body pillow. Place it between the mattress and your torso. It’ll give you balance. (1)

Back Sleepers

back sleeping position

The back position creates space between your mattress and lumbar spine. This may strain your hips and pelvis.

You can place pillows or folded towels between the mattress and your lower back and knees to support your back. This ensures an even distribution of your weight, relieving pressure.

Stomach Sleepers

stomach sleeping position

If you are a tummy sleeper, you should wear latex waist trainers. They have no steel bones and will offer comfort to your body.

While sleeping in this position, you should remove pillows to lay your body in a leveled position. This helps align your spine and prevent stress on your lower back and neck.

What are the Benefits of Sleeping in Shapewear?

You Achieve an Hourglass Shape

woman wearing black one piece in a black silhoutte

The hourglass figure is the sexiest look. It shows curves where they are supposed to be, giving you a seamless posture in any attire. Sleeping with shapewear can help you achieve this figure.

You Get an Upright Posture

woman sitting in an upright posture

Sleeping with a trainer has health benefits. Its tight grip aligns the spine and helps you achieve an upright posture. An upright boosts your blood circulation, preventing health complications. (2, 3)

Weight Loss

woman measuring her waist with tape measure

A waist trainer compresses the midsection of your body where your stomach is. This reduces the amount of food you can eat. It helps you control your appetite and eating habits, and eventually, you’ll lose weight.

It Tightens Postpartum Belly

postpartum belly

If you just gave birth and you’re worried about your tummy bulging, a waist trainer can help. The best practice is to sleep on a waist trainer three months after birth. It will tighten your belly and help you maintain your shape.

Wrapping Up

It is okay to sleep in shapewear. However, you should be mindful of which shapewear you choose. Ensure you’re comfortable and able to breathe. Also, support your body with pillows and cushions to prevent stiffness.

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