Can You Wear Two Pairs of Spanx?

Social media constantly feeds unreal images of women and their shapes. These shapes are not always achievable by dieting or excessive exercise. There are “cheat codes” models usually rely on to achieve such a figure.

One of them is Spanx. Notorious shapewear that emphasizes the smoothing and sculpting of the body. But what if you can double the effect and get even better results?

Today I’m going to help you discover if this double Spanx trick actually works, and if so how to wear it properly.

Is it Possible to Wear Two Pairs of Spanx?

To put it shortly, yes. But before you decide to slap on two Spanx there are a few things you need to know.

Choose The Correct Spanx Style

There are heaps of various styles of Spanx. Relax, choosing the right style isn’t as complex as it may seem. Yes, there are a lot of them but at the end of the day, you need to think about what You want from your Spanx.

Spanx’s aren’t designed to fit one body type. If you have a slim waist and larger breasts perhaps a full-bodysuit Spanx isn’t the way to go.

Once you find your perfect style of Spanx, make sure it’s comfortable. Since most Spanx-wearing occasions last more than a few hours, it’s best for you to feel as comfortable as you can.

Keep in mind that you are going to be wearing two pairs of Spanx, so if just one Spanx feels uncomfortable it’s probably good to take a look at some other Spanx styles.

Choose The Correct Spanx Size

When it comes to Spanx size, your best bet for finding the right size Spanx is to go with the size you usually choose when buying clothing.

But if you want to take it up a notch, Spanx size is directly related to your body measurements. If you have your body measurements, ( size, waist, hip) there are usually charts to help you choose the right fit for you.

NOTE: Wearing a smaller Spanx, doesn’t make you look smaller.

How to Get the Best Look

In order to achieve the best possible look, you need to know how to pair the right clothes or dress with the Spanx.

The Spanx line might show on shorter dresses. To help you cover that up, you might want to explore the option of wearing footless tights, which you can wear with long dresses.

woman wearing spanx under a red gown

To fully get rid of lines showing on your dress, you can also choose to remove your underwear. Spanx gussets are usually comfortable and made from cotton, oftentimes designed to be worn instead of underwear. 

To be honest, this might seem a tad too much, but if you are looking to achieve the perfect look this will definitely help.

Things You Should Avoid

Avoid using different length Spanx’s. Although it may seem like a good idea, using different lengths of Spanx might end up compromising your look. How you might ask?

Well, if you’re using different lengths, the seems on the Spanx might not match in the same place, and instead of just one seems to show, you might get two lines on your dress.

Usually, the whole point of wearing body shapers or wearing Spanx is to make your waist look as small as possible. By all means, avoid drinking carbonated drinks or sodas. Getting bloated will just make you even more uncomfortable. 

Be Prepared! 

From the get-go,  you are sacrificing comfort for looks. At a certain point, it just might become overwhelming.

It’s no secret that wearing two pairs of Spanx is uncomfortable, so try to move around as little as possible.

In our experience, wearing two pairs of Spanx didn’t make that huge of a difference. Yes, your belly feels tucked in and it feels like it’s smaller, however, the visual difference isn’t that significant.

On the other hand, you do feel smaller which might end up increasing your confidence and how you wear the dress.

So to conclude, Yes, it does work. But at what cost? Are you willing to sacrifice comfort for the best possible look?

If celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Sarah Hyland can wear two pairs of Spanx so can you!

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