Do Waist Trainers Work? A Waist Trainer Veteran Tells All

We have tried many different fads and implements over the years and have become somewhat of an expert on waist trainers, but we keep coming back to answering that one question…do waist trainers work?  Waist trainers only work temporarily, and they do not provide permanent benefits by themselves and without the help of other external factors such as exercise. However, they allow women to style their figure for critical moments in their lives, such as special events.

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Do They Work?

No, waist trainers do not work for weight loss. For a waist trainer to work, an exercise routine and a balanced diet must be incorporated. A waist trainer is specially designed to accompany exercise or dieting. Therefore, they require a specific exercise routine that is developed by a professional. (1)

Using a waist trainer for too long will not provide significant results without these additional factors. In addition, some people can notice some side effects. These can range from decreased lung capacity, weakened muscles, or gastrointestinal problems, among others.

What Is It Exactly?

What is a waist trainer? and how effective are waist trainers? Waist trainers are worn by many celebrities and have become popular among regular people. However, they have been criticized for causing physical and mental health risks.

A waist trainer is a piece of clothing that looks like a corset and is designed to slim down your torso. Waist trainers are created to compress your waist, ab, and back muscles. This is done by creating a tight corset-like effect around the torso which compresses the abdomen (and sometimes the ribs). Waist trainers can be loose or firm around your waist, depending on your preference.

It has been a popular trend in recent years as celebrities have been spotted wearing this product. However, even though many celebrities wear these, they don’t actually work for everyone. The effectiveness depends on how well you can maintain healthy eating habits and exercise while wearing one.

Do Waist Trainers Give You an Hourglass Figure?

Let’s get straight to the studies. According to a study done fairly recently, a few years ago, using a compression garment did not affect weight loss or any meaningful changes!

A waist trainer is specially designed to give you an hourglass figure. This is one of the most important aspects for those who use a waist trainer for special events. 

waist trainer mirror selfie

The change will not be too drastic if the person does not implement other changes in their daily life. Experts assure that to start noticing the first results; takes two weeks of use. It is necessary to use the waist trainer five or six days a week and at least 6 hours a day.

The results are more evident when a person uses a waist trainer and follows a healthy and balanced diet and an exercise routine. However, using a waist trainer for too long can have serious health drawbacks. To obtain a longer-term hourglass figure, several months are required.

What Are the Risks of Wearing a Waist Trainer?

The use of waist trainers has been heavily criticized for being harmful to one’s health. Experts say that long-term use of these garments can lead to health problems such as respiratory distress, muscle atrophy, lower back pain, difficulty breathing, and heart problems. They also warn that wearing them can lead to chronic pain and numbness.

Digestive System Issues

Waist trainers can be especially dangerous for people with IBS or other digestive issues. Recently a study found that almost half of respondents reported digestive issues such as bloating and constipation after wearing a waist trainer for a long period of time. (2)

Waist Trainers Weaken Abdominal Muscles

Waist trainers can weaken the abdominal muscles by making them work harder.

If you have been training for a while and are looking for an edge to intensify your workouts, waist trainers might be the best thing for you. They help create compression in your core, improving your posture and making it easier to carry out everyday activities.

However, some drawbacks come along with wearing one of these garments. The pressure that waist trainers put on your abdomen can result in the weakening of your abdominal muscles.

Waist Trainers Restrict Air Flow

Waist trainers have been found to restrict airflow, which can cause suffocation.

In a study done on women who wear waist trainers for an extended period of time (upwards of 10 hours a day for five days), it was found that they had more difficulty breathing than those who did not wear waist trainers. The restriction in the chest cavity caused by the waist trainer impacted lung function and their ability to take in air.

Waist Trainers Put Pressure on Internal Organs

Waist trainers are not to be taken lightly. In the article, “There’s a Problem with Women’s Waist Trainers,” it is clear that waist trainers are risky. The article states that while they’re marketed to get a slimmer waist and better posture, some negative side effects come along with them, including difficulty breathing and ulcers on the stomach lining.

The first negative effect is difficulty breathing. It’s no secret that the primary goal of waist trainers is to slim one’s waistline, which can put pressure on organs in the midsection when they’re compressed for extended periods of time. This could lead to some health issues like shortness of breath, chest pain, or even heart failure due to restricted blood flow—another negative effect.

Pregnancy Risks

waist trainer pregnancy

It can be very dangerous to use a waist trainer, as a baby needs room to grow.

Waist trainers, in general, cannot cause significant damage to a baby due to a large amount of protection the body has. In addition, some organs and natural protectors, such as the massive amount of amniotic fluid, provide excellent support and cushioning. All this prevents the baby from feeling compressed and suffering any damage.

It is not at all helpful to use a waist trainer during pregnancy. A waist trainer can be uncomfortable enough not to use. Both the woman and the baby inside her could become subject to excessive compression of internal organs, ribs, and muscles.

Many women may use a waist trainer as part of their postpartum recovery. Combining a waist trainer in these situations with other healthy practices allows for a much more efficient and enjoyable postpartum recovery. In all of these cases, it is advisable to avoid too high and exaggerated tightening or compression. 

Waist Trainers Can Cause Musculoskeletal Issues

Waist trainers are a popular, albeit dangerous, fad.

The waist trainer is a piece of clothing that compresses the abdomen and pulls in the waist to give an hourglass shape. The garment is worn regularly to achieve the desired shape.

Since waist trainers have been introduced as a weight-loss mechanism, they have become very popular with people of all shapes and sizes trying to achieve their ideal aesthetic. However, no evidence wearing waist trainers actually helps you lose weight or get thinner thighs.

Wearing one of these garments for too long can lead to serious health problems such as: breathing difficulties, headaches, and even spinal disc herniation!

Are Waist Trainer Results Permanent?

waist trainor results

The results of a waist trainer can become permanent when the person makes a set of changes in their life. However, there are several important factors to consider as waist trainers do not provide results on their own. Instead, a waist trainer accompanies each person’s body change.

Each person may get a different result when using a waist trainer. Therefore, a slow and proper procedure is required to give the body a chance and enough time to adapt.


Do waist trainers help with body fat?

Waist trainers are not the “magic” solution to fat loss. However, they may help to improve posture, increase core strength, and improve body shape.

Waist trainers are designed and created to give the wearer a slimmer waistline. These garments are not supposed to be worn for long periods of time; they should only be worn during short intervals throughout the day. Waist trainers can do a lot for your body, but they cannot replace diet or exercise when it comes to fat loss.

Can I wear a waist trainer while working out?

Many people don’t know that there is a debate on whether waist trainers are safe to be worn while working out.

Many women find it difficult to lose their postpartum weight, especially if they have not exercised during pregnancy. In fact, more than 60% of postpartum mothers do not start any exercise after giving birth.

This is where waist trainers come into play. Waist trainers help by cinching in the midsection and pushing the pelvis forward to decompress the spine–a position that can decrease back pain. 

Can I wear a waist trainer while pregnant?

Waist trainers can be worn during pregnancy as long as it has been cleared by your healthcare provider and fits properly.

The Bottom Line on Waist Trainers

Waist trainers provide a comfortable way to help you feel better about your body. Not only are they great for showing off your curves, but they also do exercise and eating healthier easier. It would help if you never thought a waist trainer is a be-all and end-all solution to working out. The benefits are mostly visual in nature rather than any actual changes to body fat; that is why we recommend exercise and diet to make the most out of these results.

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