Do you Wear Underwear with Spanx?

Many women prefer to wear underwear with their Spanx. In fact, a survey found that half of all Spanx wearers put underwear on beneath their Spanx. However, underwear is not necessary with Spanx. The point of your Spanx is to produce a smooth and natural form for the body, while underwear frequently compromises this goal by adding extra material which may alter your form or add unnecessary lines. 

In general, wearing underwear with Spanx is unnecessary. This is because Spanx was meant to be worn without underwear. However, no rule says you cannot wear it when using Spanx.

Below, we’ll go into more detail about the nuances of whether you should wear underwear with Spanx or not.

Underwear: To Wear With Spanx or Not?


Many women who wear Spanx disagree on whether or not they should wear underwear with their Spanx. Because of this, Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, decided to answer the question specifically, “Do you wear underwear with Spanx or not?”

In an interview with Today Show, Sara Blakely answered the debate, do you wear Spanx with underwear, “I would say that when I designed Spanx 20 years ago, I made it, so you don’t wear underwear beneath them,”. However, she also added that whether or not to wear underwear is a matter of personal taste. Wearing Spanx with underwear is totally fine.

Underwear takes away from an overall smooth-looking shape by forming a line when you wear shapewear making it visible underneath the shapewear, which transfers straight to your clothing. Spanx frequently contains a built-in panty liner or a thicker part that is supposed to increase comfort, so you don’t need to wear underwear.

Keep in mind that it is a personal preference based on your own level of comfort. While we always advise doing what feels best for you, there are some standards you may follow to keep thick underwear lines minimal—considering that Spanx and shapewear are designed to increase your comfort level when you wear them without undergarments. (1)

Tips When Wearing Underwear with Spanx

woman wearing a leopard and lace underwear

If you want to wear your underwear, here are the best things one can do to lessen the chance of developing lines in your outfit. Bear in mind that usual underwear is challenging to pair with Spanx.

1. G-string Thong

The thong should be as thin as possible to match your Spanx. A G-string is generally the best type of thong to get. However, be cautious since G-strings occasionally include something like pop-out bows on the side. You want your thong to be flat on your skin. This way, you won’t have to worry about lines showing if you wear Spanx with a tight dress or pencil skirt.

2. Seamless Underwear

Choose seamless underwear. Thin underwear feels like you are not wearing anything at all. This works nicely with Spanx shapewear since it is generally so thin that there is no lining. However, the problem with these types of underwear is that they can bunch up or roll based on how you put on your clothing.

3. Skin Color Underwear

You must consider wearing underwear that is skin-colored, especially when wearing white dresses. That is because when you wear printed underwear, it will most likely be seen over your clothing. However, printed underwear or any color of underwear won’t matter if what you will wear is not see-through. (2)

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