Does Wearing Spanx Help Lose Weight

There is a lot of debate about whether or not Spanx helps women lose weight. Some people swear by them, while others say they do nothing to help.

Shapewear, else known as compression garments, are many women’s top choice to define their figure. Most of them wonder if they can help them with their weight loss efforts. Many doctors and surgeons have discussed shapewear helping lose weight, and I have the answer for you in this article.

In general terms, regular shapewear does not help with weight loss. However, special compression garments (i.e., for liposuction and waist trainers) help with long-term figure sculpting. Shapewear for post-surgeries cannot help with weight loss. However, they prevent swelling, unlike waist trainers that contribute to reducing weight.

I’ll go into more detail below.

Fat Reduction With Regular Shapewear

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Your everyday shapewear compresses several body areas, creating a slimmer look.

Some claim regular compression garments help women lose weight by massaging a specific area. They force the wearer to sweat a bit, increasing circulation and triggering weight loss. This method cannot help one lose much weight, but it is believed to help toss away a few pounds.

However, many medical specialists insist that such undergarments cannot reduce weight.

Another belief that surgeons deny is skin tightening. According to doctors, wearing Spanx and other shapewear cannot simply undo loose, stretched-out, and lax skin.

The skin can only tighten through exercise and surgery.

Shapewear for After Liposuction Surgery

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Compression garments are widely used after liposuctions and tummy tucks (i.e., abdominoplasty).

After such procedures, the tissues tend to swell. Although it is not permanent, most surgeons suggest a compression garment. The undergarments cannot reduce weight. They can only quickly resolve the swelling and bruising caused by the surgeries.

Many health specialists also warn that the skin might remain loose after rapid weight loss (maybe even after surgery). Shapewear cannot reverse that permanently, only tummy tucks. They can also:

  • Reduce bruising
  • Minimize scarring
  • Prevent edema formation
  • Decrease pain and discomfort
  • Enhance final results

The final result comes from reducing the skin’s laxness and possible wrinkles while helping with skin retraction. However, they do not reduce weight.

Waist Trainers And Belly Fat

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Achieving weight loss can be difficult for many women, so special compression garments have been manufactured to help speed up the process.

Waist training is a procedure that uses a wide, elasticated band that one can wear during exercise. The waist trainer generates sweating through thermogenesis, forcing fat cells to dismantle.

The band is designed to be worn for a maximum of 8 hours each day. Many scientists do not vouch for the technique. However, many women report amazing results, with up to 6 inches (15.24 cm) of fat reduction.

Note that waist trainers can be dangerous. They may tamper with the respiratory system and other internal organs’ functions. Sometimes, waist trainers can also weaken back muscles.

Waist training will only create permanent results if combined with regular exercise and healthy eating habits.

When wearing a waist trainer, ensure you do not highly compress the organs.

Warnings for Waist Trainers

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Shapewear can lead to a great number of health issues.

Blood Clots Development

Compression garments can sometimes affect blood circulation in the lower legs.

The main purpose of these products is to tighten the skin around certain areas. The tightening can reduce blood flow to the lower part of the waist and the legs. Repeated on-and-off wearing can lead to blood clots.

Similar issues that may occur linked to the blood circulation in the lower legs can be the following:

  • Numbness in the legs and pain
  • Varicose veins
  • Swollen ankles

Blood clots can lead to death if the issue gets out of hand.

Acid Reflux Condition

Shapewear applied on the stomach and belly can cause acid reflux problems.

They apply force on the stomach, pressuring the organs and the intestines, causing gastric acid to move up to the esophagus. The muscles of the intestines cannot be contracted and released easily, also causing bloating gas.

The above upset the stomach in a grave amount.

Erosive Esophagitis Effects

The tightness of the shapewear affects the digestive tract.

Erosive Esophagitis is a severe condition in which acid reflux, caused by compression garments, damages the lining of the esophagus. This goes back to the tightness preventing the digestive system from pushing down the food and thus from functioning correctly.

After the erosion, the treatment can take up to 6 to 9 months.

Heartburn Symptoms

Heartburn is caused similarly to acid reflux and erosive Esophagitis.

The pressure applied to the organs doesn’t correct the proper function of the digestive muscles. They send acids and food upwards instead of to the stomach, creating heartburn.

Wrapping Up

Spanx and other types of shapewear are women’s favorite undergarments.

Contrary to many people’s belief, they are unsuitable for weight loss, as their sole function is to make the belly appear slimmer. Even if the compression undergarments make one sweat or seem to massage a certain area, does not mean that it leads to fat reduction.

Waist trainers can help reduce fat. However, they can be proven extremely dangerous when worn regularly.

One can develop:

  • Blood clots
  • Acid reflux
  • Erosive Esophagitis
  • Heartburn

The above effects are caused by excessive and regular pressure on the organs.

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