Marc Jacobs to do Plus? UPDATED!

Robert Duffy, Marc Jacob’s business partner, is known to share too much company information over his twitter account. The latest has been about the possibility of Marc Jacob’s doing a plus size line. Check out the tweets:

“I’m a big guy 6’4″ 210 lbs. Not easy for me to find clothes. Of course I can have them made.I know how everyone feels.I try to diet but…. 10:16 PM Aug 1st via Echofon

Your right. We gotta do larger sizes. I’m with you. As soon as I get back to NY. I’m on it! It will take me about a year. But stay with us. 10:21 PM Aug 1st via Echofon

I don’t like the phrase Plus Sizes. Any suggestions? 10:21 PM Aug 1st via Echofon

Being really small has it’s own set of problems.We can’t please everyone. I’m trying.And loving it.Problem solving is a big part of our job 10:25 PM Aug 1st via Echofon

love”Above Average”!You rock! That’s what I’m talking about!I learn so much.I can’t use it now.It’s out there in public.But you are clever 10:33 PM Aug 1st via Echofon”

Duffy on the mysterious size 16 that supposedly Marc Jacobs already produces…

“Stores don’t always have them on the floor.We sell mostly smaller sizes but we have them.You may have to ask.Lots have them made. We do it! 10:39 PM Aug 1st via Echofon

Ok.No more questions answered from direct tweets.To upsetting for some. Let’s not talk about larger sizes anymore today. Upsetting for many. 3:05 AM Aug 2nd via Echofon”

New Tweets! UPDATED

“We are in talks now. For plus sizes. For all you who seem to know my co. Better than me. Hope it works out. Lighten up! about 16 hours ago via Echofon

I do over share. Gotta stop. Get myself in trouble. But do like to clear up some things with all the experts out there. about 16 hours ago via Echofon

The same people didn’t believe me when I said I was doing children’s. Or dog toys.” Bark Jacobs”Or a book store.”Book Marc” Why? about 15 hours ago via Echofon

Listen, we are in the very beginning stages of talking to a partner about plus sizes. Relax. It won’t be based on the collection line. about 15 hours ago via Echofon

Marc and I are building a brand. That’s what we do.We will Always have a collection line.But they rarely make much profit. As everyone knows about 15 hours ago via Echofon”

What do you think about Marc Jacobs going into plus sizes?