Support Cabiria

Cabiria is a unique plus size line that we adore. They create luxury, bold clothing in sizes 12 through 24 and produce everything in the United States. The cut of the fabric is created for plus size figures to be able to move easily and the fabric is designed to last.

We urge you to donate not just for the fabulous incentives that Cabiria is offering (including gourmet coffee, mugs, and totes) but to support everything they stand for. Your support could benefit the company and further its success, as well as it could benefit you- the plus size woman who wants great fabrics and to stand out. Soon, you may be able to see their items in boutiques- both online and in brick and mortar establishments. Your donation will encourage the advancement of quality fabrics and craftsmanship of plus size clothing and extend those offerings to all women!

Read more about where your money will go, and donate here.