Our Visit with Fashion To Figure

Our Visit with Fashion To Figure

Madison Plus was invited to an exclusive shopping tour of Fashion to Figure’s brand new Bronx location with CEO and Co-Founder Michael Kaplan. Michael’s Fashion to Figure (FTF) business is not only a passion of his but a family right.  His great-grandmother, Lena Bryant, created Lane Bryant. To keep the family tradition going, Michael opened FTF as a nod to his great-grandmother who said back in the 1950’s, “Never ask women to conform their figures to fashion, but rather bring fashion to figure”. With such a rich family heritage in plus size fashion, Aimee and I were thrilled to be able to visit the brand new Bronx location with Michael.

Our Visit with Fashion To Figure

Upon arriving at the store, located in the Bay Plaza Shopping Center, we found a shining store front with curvy mannequins in the front window showcasing trends like the LBD, graphic blouses, and belted dresses. Entering the store, we were immediately surprised how well the store was merchandised for being a “fast-fashion” retailer with shipments of new product coming in daily, and selling out quickly.

The color stories were all defined but blended together perfectly, which is rare for a fast-fashion retailer. The main color stories were a teal-blue, white, and grey story on the right-hand side, and a magenta, black, and white story on the left.  The table-top display had a great deal on tanks (3 for $15), with a nice display of mannequins elevated behind it.

Our Visit with Fashion To FigureOur Visit with Fashion To FigureOur Visit with Fashion To FigureOur Visit with Fashion To Figure

Another fabulous aspect of the FTF stores is their staff. FTF has talented stylists on hand to help you pick out the perfect outfit for any occasion or even to compliment what you are already wearing. This added stylist experience is unmatched in any other fast-fashion store.Aimee was given run of the store and I got to play stylist and photographer.  We definitely got carried away putting together so many fabulous looks!

Some highlights were:

Dresses for $36

Tunics for $22

Rompers for $25

And oh-so slimming jeans for $36

And tees for $8

Check out Aimee’s looks and shop from the below links!

Our Visit with Fashion To Figure

Tee and leggings available only in FTF stores.

Our Visit with Fashion To Figure