Wedding 2011: Curvaceous Couture

A Wedding Boutique Just For You!

When I was searching for my wedding dress it was a little intimidating going into boutiques that didn’t quite understand the needs of a curvy bride. I was just thrilled when I found about Yukia and Curvaceous Couture, Yukia  also features some high end designers like Reem Acra (who did my dress) and Ian Stuart.

Yukia was interviewed for the Washington Post and featured for her boutique. Here is an excerpt, read the full article here:
“Yukia Harris-Walker started Curvaceous Couture after she got engaged. She actually took a portion of her wedding budget and started the business while she was planning her wedding. She figured at that time, while a size 14, that if she was having such issues finding items what were others, at her size or larger, going to do? Her story is like so many others we have heard from.
I always dreamt of having a beautiful wedding gown. I had a nice budget. When I went to go look higher-end brands, I found out that most salons only carried their bridal gowns in a size 8 or 10. My sister ended up trying my wedding gowns on for me. It was very humiliating. [This was] something that me and my mother had looked forward to doing for years. It got to the point where I just didn’t want to go anymore; I kind of settled. I ended up with a gown that I was totally miserable with and until this day I hate looking at my wedding pictures.

So many young ladies come in to Curvaceous Couture and they are just so happy that they can zip the dress up. Even if they are smaller and they have to pin the dress, they are in the dress. That’s what they appreciate. When they find that gown – just their excitement and the family’s excitement and the tears – it just gives me some piece, every day, of what I didn’t have.” - Robin Rose Parke, Washington Post

Be sure to visit Yukia at Curvaceous Couture in Maryland or online at

Curvaceous Couture is located at 9130-T Red Branch Road, Columbia, MD, 21045; 410-740-7052.

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