MP Model Off Duty: Bernadett Vajda

During her visit at our New York office, Bernadett Vajda proved how easy looking fabulous can be! One flirty dress and you’re all set for a hot summer’s day.

Name: Bernadett Vajda
Agency: Wilhelmina
Nickname: Bern, Bernie
Favorite Place to Shop: Everywhere. I stop into every place I see that has cute things in the window. I even shop at men’s stores!
Define Your Style in 4 Words: undefinable, classic, colorful with a twist of Steven Tyler
Style Icon: Christina Hendricks, Fergie, Gwen Stefani
Must-have Item of the Season: Hats! All types. Royal wedding-inspired!

Bernadett accessorized simply with a classic timepiece, threw on a cute belt to accentuate her waist and she was good to go!