How to Put On Spanx (Tips and Methods)

Are you struggling to put on your newly-purchased Spanx properly? 

When trying Spanx for the first time, it’s probably apparent that this isn’t your typical undergarment. When worn correctly, Spanx slims you down and shapes you up, giving you smoother curves, but it is uncomfortable, annoying, and a pain to wear when worn incorrectly. Thus, properly wearing your Spanx is critical to getting the best results and most comfort.

In general, you can put on your Spanx properly by doing the following: 

  • Take your time 
  • Don’t wear Spanx on wet or hot skin
  • Go without underwear 
  • Pull your Spanx shorts up to your bra line 
  • Wiggle your Spanx up high and use a dryer sheet

In this article, let me discuss the tips on properly wearing different styles of Spanx shapewear to get the most out of your Spanx.

6 Tips on How to Put On Spanx Properly

To properly put on your Spanx, consider the following tips:

Tip #1: Take Your Time

Spanx is designed to be very snug.

Thus, they can be difficult to put on. So, in your dressing room, allow yourself enough time to step into your Spanx and gradually work them up your body into its correct position. If you rush into putting on your Spanx, you may begin to sweat. In that case, getting your Spanx on and into the right place will be much more challenging.

Tip #2: Don’t Wear Spanx on Wet or Hot Skin

spanx in shorts and panty

When you’re done taking a hot shower, allow your skin to dry before putting on Spanx.

It will prevent the Spanx from sticking to your skin, making it extremely difficult to put on. If you have no time to let your skin dry after a shower, try rubbing baby powder on your skin. It will make it easier to put on your Spanx.

Tip #3: Go Without Underwear

You don’t need to wear extra underwear because Spanx is designed as shapewear and underwear.

Wearing underwear beneath your Spanx can add seams, lines, and bulk to your midsection, which you want to avoid. Not wearing underwear can establish a seamless and smooth line down your body. Moreover, when Spanx is worn over underwear, the top of the underwear rolls, adding even more bulk than a flat underwear line alone.

Tip #4: Pull up Your Spanx Into Your Bra Line

Pull up your high-waisted Spanx as high as it will go.

It will make your torso appear longer and smoother and prevent your Spanx from rolling down and bunching around your midsection. Also, if your Spanx is particularly high-waisted, tuck the top under your bra to help keep it in place. You can also buy straps that connect the top of your Spanx to the bottom of your bra, keeping your Spanx in place.

woman wearing black waist trainer

Tip #5: Wiggle Your Spanx Up High

Grip the top of your Spanx right at the bottom of your lower back, and pull them up high to get your Spanx to closely follow the curves of your body and lift your buttocks.

Then, slowly release your grip and wiggle your body. The Spanx will slide down as you wiggle, settling into a comfortable but still curve-hugging and lifting position.

Tip #6: Use a Dryer Sheet

After you’ve put on your Spanx in your dressing room, unfold a dryer sheet and rub it all over the front and back.

It will help to remove any static electricity, allowing your clothes to hang straight down instead of sticking to your Spanx. So, if your Spanx is particularly clingy, use a dryer sheet to remove all static from your outfit.

Proper Wearing of Different Spanx Styles 

Putting on Spanx differs depending on the style of garment. Here are the different Spanx styles and how to put them on properly:

Spanx Slips

Spanx Slips black and beige

Always put on a Spanx slip by stepping into it, even if it’s a full-body one.

You will feel stuck and frustrated if you pull it over your head. Then, shimmy it into place a little at a time. Spanx slips have silicone lining, which helps keep the skirt in place once worn. (1)

Spanx Bodysuits

different types of Spanx Bodysuits

With this style, check that all zippers and clasps are entirely unfastened.

Spanx bodysuits, like slips, should be worn by stepping into them. If the garment covers the thighs and legs, it may be easier to begin in a sitting position and pull up the Spanx one leg at a time. Then, stand up and pull the rest of the garment once you’ve reached the legs. Fastening and adjusting zippers, clasps, and straps can be tricky the first time.

With that, you may require assistance to achieve the proper fit.

Spanx Corsets

Spanx Corsets rose biege and black

With Spanx corsets, you’ll be dealing with ribbons.

To begin, loosen the laces to slip the corset on and hook up the front easily. Begin tightening the pull loops with a mirror to help you. Then, pull on the laces’ “Xs” from top to middle, then bottom to middle, tightening the pull loops as you go. Repeat the process while smoothing out the modesty panel beneath. After that, tie the laces when the fit is perfect for you.

The first few times you wear your corset, it should be a little looser until it molds to your shape. Then, you can pull it tighter.

Spanx Waist Cincher

With this style, wrap the waist trainer around your torso, so the bottom clasps are just below your bust.

Then, fasten the cincher around your waist from the bottom up. Begin with the looser fit; once you’ve mastered it, or if your waistline shrinks, move on to the tighter fit.

Essential Things to Consider When Choosing Spanx 

To get the most out of your Spanx, consider the following factors:

Right Spanx Style

Spanx shapewear comes in a variety of styles. Consider your body shape and the function you want your Spanx to perform. After that, you can choose what’s best for you!

  • Spanx Biker Shorts – if you want a pair of Spanx that will go with almost any outfit, try the original Spanx biker short style. This style extends from your natural waist to your mid-thigh or knees at the bottom, creating a long, smooth, lean line down your midsection. It looks like great underdresses fitted pencil skirts, etc.
  • Spanx Slip – when wearing a dress, Spanx slips are a great way to smooth out your entire body. These slips are available in various lengths, allowing you to select the slip that best matches your outfit. Furthermore, because Spanx slips are generally opaque, you can wear them under a sheer dress just like a regular slip. Spanx also makes open-chest slips, which are ideal if you wear a V-neck dress or need a specific bra.
  • Spanx Underwear – if you want to slim down your stomach, try Spanx underwear. It fits like regular underwear on the bottom, but they are high-waisted and have compression fabric at its top to smooth out your midsection. Spanx underwear will not smooth out your thighs, but it is lighter and more relaxed than traditional biker shorts or bodysuit styles. Also, to lift your butt, try Spanx full-cut underwear. Spanx also makes high-waisted thong underwear, a great option for smoothing your stomach without showing any panty lines.
  • Spanx Leggings or Tights – Spanx leggings or tights are excellent choices for shapewear that will smooth out your midsection and entire legs. Spanx makes tights in various colors and patterns that will keep you warm, shape your legs, and add visual interest to your outfit, in addition to simple opaque tights. Also, Spanx leather leggings are intended to be worn as pants rather than underwear. Try wearing Spanx leather leggings with a chunky knit sweater and wedge booties for an influencer-worthy look. (2)
  • Spanx Bodysuit – a Spanx bodysuit is an excellent choice for slimming your figure from your shoulders to your knees. While these compression bodysuits can be a little constricting, they make it simple to smooth out your entire body without needing to find and purchase a shapewear top and bottom. Some Spanx bodysuits include a built-in bra and come in various cup sizes. Also, Spanx bodysuits, like slips, are available in open-bust styles, allowing you to wear your bra.
  • Spanx Top – if you only want to smooth out your torso, you might want to try a Spanx top. Spanx tops are available in various styles, such as spaghetti strap, open-bust, racerback, and strapless, making it easy to find the best fit for your outfit. If you’re wearing jeans or tight pants and don’t want to add any layers to your bottom half, a Spanx top is an excellent way to smooth your midsection.

Correct Spanx Size

Spanx size table

To begin, take measurements of your bust, waist, and hips with a measuring tape.

Then, using the Spanx size chart below, determine your measurements and the appropriate size. It will help ensure that you get the correct size, so they don’t pinch or gape.

Furthermore, avoid sizing down to ensure your Spanx is effective and comfortable. Sizing down is the most common mistake people make when purchasing Spanx. While you may believe that tighter Spanx will suck in and streamline your body, even more, this is not the case.

Trying to fit into a pair of small Spanx can cause your body to bulge and bump, which is highly uncomfortable.

Appropriate Spanx Compression

Select the compression level that is most appropriate for you.

Consider how much you’ll be moving and how structured you want it to be when selecting Spanx. The majority of Spanx styles are available in three compression levels:

  • Level 1 – Smooth
  • Level 2 – Shape
  • Level 3 – Sculpt

Smooth Spanx has the most stretch, while Sculpt Spanx has a thicker fabric and a snugger fit.

So, if you want to move freely in your Spanx, you should probably use a level 1 option. On the other hand, level 3 would be the best option if you want to smooth out your body as much as possible.

Complementary Spanx Color

Choose the proper color for your skin tone and outfit.

Most Spanx styles come in various neutral colors, giving you plenty of options. When deciding on a Spanx color, think about what outfits you’ll be wearing them with and whether you want the Spanx to be visible or hidden. You can then choose between Spanx that matches your skin tone or one that complements your outfit.

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