Spanx Under Jeans (Ideas and Photos)

Make your natural figure stand out with any outfit using Spanx under jeans. 

You can mix and match different types of Spanx with different styles of jeans to see which one works for your body, but knowing which parts to highlight is a great place to start. 

Several types of Spanx can be worn under jeans, including:

  1. High-waisted shaping leggings – These leggings provide full coverage and control from the waist down to the ankle and are designed to smooth the stomach and thighs.
  2. Shaping shorts – These shorts provide control and support to the waist and thighs and are designed to be worn under jeans or other pants.
  3. Shaping boyshorts – These shorts provide control and support to the waist and thighs and are designed to be worn under jeans or other pants.
  4. Shaping slips – These slips provide control and support to the waist and hips and can be worn under jeans or other pants to smooth and shape the silhouette.
  5. High-waisted shaping jeans – These jeans have built-in shaping panels that control and support from the waist down to the ankle.

The Type of Jeans We’ll Cover

  1. Skinny Jeans
  2. Straight-Leg Jeans
  3. Bootcut Jeans
  4. Flare Jeans
  5. Boyfriend Jeans
  6. High-Waisted Jeans
  7. Wide-Leg Jeans
  8. Crop Jeans

I will go through each type of jeans and what type of Spanx you can wear under those jeans in more detail below.

Spanx For Each Kind of Jean

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For Mid-Rise Jeans

spanx for jeans
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Mid-rise jeans are an all-time favorite, and why wouldn’t they be?

They’re comfortable, easy to move around, and pair incredibly well with cropped or fitted tops. However, mid-rise jeans can be a nightmare for those with petite figures. The main issue with mid-rise jeans is that they push the stomach out and make your legs shorter while elongating your torso – making you look shorter. 

For this one, you’ll need to pick Spanx under jeans that highlight flattened areas. 

Lightweight shapewear shorts are the way to go if you want to sculpt your bum and thigh area.

These will slim down any uneven shapes while highlighting your body’s curves. Since shapewear shorts are usually worn below the waistline, they’ll remain hidden from view if you wear any short or cropped tops. 

Using a high-rise or Spanx bodysuit is a great way to gain tummy control and become slimmer. 

These shapewear types smoothen and sculpt up to your belly button area, which solves the issue of mid-rise jeans pushing your stomach out. Remember that you’ll need longer tops tucked in your shirt to keep the Spanx hidden. 

For High-Rise Jeans

Kayla Mendoza wearing high-waisted jeans
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High-rise jeans are an essential part of any person’s wardrobe.

These high-rise jeans are universally flattering to all kinds of body shapes. They’re comfortable and versatile enough to be the foundation of any day or night attire, but what makes high-rise jeans important is they double as shapewear jeans. It brings you the additional benefit of accentuating your waistline and tummy control.

These jeans naturally sculpt the hip and waist since they extend to your belly button. 

You might be wondering: if high-rise jeans are already sculpting my body, why do I need to wear Spanx?

High-rise jeans don’t have the same supportive structures as Spanx. While the shapewear jeans fit well against your natural figure, they can’t highlight your body’s assets.

Think of it this way: jeans can make the top portion of your bum stand out, but they can’t provide support from underneath. This breaks the illusion of a perfectly sculpted hip area. 

Wearing Spanx under jeans is an easy way to get around this problem. 

Boost your natural figure by wearing high-waisted Spanx shorts. This will give your assets all the support they need to create a beautiful hourglass shape.

For Skinny Jeans

Elana Kinda wearing skinny jeans
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Hate it or love it, skinny jeans are here to stay; they’re the original shapewear jeans that hug every curve of your body.

While they will make your silhouette stand out, skinny jeans are known to be uncomfortable. They can press too tightly against the body and unwittingly highlight parts you don’t want to be seen.

One example of this is the infamous ‘panty-lines’ or VPL caused by skinny jeans – this is when the outline of your underwear can be seen through the jeans. It sounds like a nightmare, so how do you solve it? 

You may have already guessed the answer: Spanx under jeans are your best friend for skinny jeans. 

You’ll need a pair of invisible Spanx with no seams to get the perfect skinny jeans outfit. This type of Spanx will even out your curves without exposing any unwanted parts. Moreover, the light material and tapered edge design will prevent anyone from finding out that you’re wearing Spanx under jeans. 

For Straight-Cut Jeans

Elana Kinda wearing straight jeans
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Mens-style and boyfriend jeans are just some other names for straight-cut jeans. 

Straight-cut jeans have a silhouette that runs straight from the waist to the bottom of your legs. This style of jeans is the most comfortable type, giving you enough freedom to do any quick movements. Straight-cut jeans are the number one choice for people who are always on the move. 

Fashion-wise, straight-cut jeans are a horrible choice if you want to show off your natural figure. 

These jeans’ thick and heavy material flattens the bum and thigh area, giving you a rectangular-like silhouette. While this silhouette works well with athletic and hourglass shapes, the same can’t be said for other body types; it can look bulky and unflattering. 

Medium compression shapewear Spanx is enough to sculpt and accentuate the bum area. But high-compression Spanx under jeans is better if you’re looking for something more flattering.

Spanx also works for other styles of loose pants like slacks and flared pants, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different Spanx under jeans. Who knows, you might stumble upon the combination that will perfectly highlight all body features. 

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