British Plus Size Fashion Weekend Recap

One of our favorite faces – Marcy Guevara – spent the weekend in London taking part in and enjoying the first-ever British Plus Size Fashion Weekend celebrating curves, clothes and more! Let’s check in with Marcy as she gives us all the inside scoop on it all...

Sitting in my hotel room at 4:40am after a whirlwind weekend of some of the most inspiring fashion to hit a runway near me, I am exhausted from the glitz and excitement of all that BRITISH PLUS SIZE FASHION WEEKEND brought.  It may not be Marc Jacobs or Dior, but what I saw this weekend warmed my heart because so much of it was beautiful and made for a body just like mine.
I made the decision to attend after buzz about the soiree hit the Twittersphere and bloggers from all over the world began to drool over which designers we might see at the inaugural event. It was my pleasure to support such a wonderful cause, sponsored by Evolve Magazine and SimplyBe, BPSFW was the event to be at as a plus-size woman in Europe, or anywhere else for that matter.  With opportunities to meet with designers, fellow influencers, shoppers, models, and more, the entire Shoreditch Town Hall, where the event was held, was electric.  You could feel it in the air as women were celebrated for their curves, rather than scorned, and blessed by the fashion gods.  With so little to choose from in the plus-size market, the energy in the air was one of support, love, encouragement, and as Anna Scholz stated she “welcomes competition”.  After having been in this industry and providing gorgeous garments for over 16 years, Scholz is confident about her voice and place in the world of plus-size fashion and ready for that world to boom.

As the lines hit the runway, it was the moment everyone had been waiting for. Every phone and camera was out. All eyes on the entrance to the catwalk and fingers waiting to snap a shot of showstoppers and even every day wear that would change up the often hum-drum game that is plus size fashion.  One of the major benefits of a show like this is seeing the clothes in motion.  It makes such a big difference for the consumer to be able to look and feel how that clothes is going to move.  For the online shopper, this is a gift and must be an absolute priority for lines.

It’s no secret that plus-size women want to be sexy and sultry, so it was wonderful to see lines like Swimsuits for All, Cult of California, and Simply Be working towards providing that voice to their consumer.  It’s amazing to me how showing a little skin (in the right spot) can make you look ten pounds thinner, feel 100 times sexier and give you infinity times more confidence from the feedback you receive.

Like any inaugural event, there were a few minor glitches that can be improved upon, but overall, I am incredibly supportive of Rianne Ward and Remi Ray, the organizers, for daring to do something different on the eve of London Fashion Week and shake up this little (no pun intended) world.  With attendees from ALL OVER THE WORLD like Ireland, USA, Hungary, Germany, Puerto Rico and beyond, keep your eyes on London to be the next hub of plus-size fashion and let’s all plan to meet for tea next Fall with our sisters and supporters across the pond. – Marcy Guevara

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