MP City Style Rotterdam: Summer Workwear

We were so excited when City Style correspondent Nefferth (Mode_Plus) joined in on our latest fashion feature – Summer Workwear, and sent us three unique looks she styled for a day at the office! Breaking up the looks into Creative, Corporate and Casual, Nefferth show us her take on letting personal style show through while still sticking to those office dress codes.

How creative can you allow yourself to be in your workwear?

Basically remember these ground rules: nothing too revealing, look polished and avoid copying a trend au pied à la lettre. You want your colleagues to remember you as the perfect balance between personal style and fashion, right?
Creativity is all about self expression and the moment to wear something else than the usual. For me it meant: flowered tights, a high-waisted pleated skirt and my clogs. Don’t be afraid to accessorize either. Go ahead, search the inner creative fashionista in you and bring that to work.

The first association I have with a corporate look is a power suit à la Yves Saint Laurent. Unfortunately I don’t own a powersuit. Besides I do think showing some femininty in the right way can evoke immense “power” in a professional environment. Keep the look minimalistic, balance out with accessories and make-up. I chose one of the Spring trends: sheer pieces, which I accompanied with a high  waisted skirt. And of course heels. For the finishing touch I went for the classic red lips.  I encourage you to take your feminine piece out of the closet and show the power in you.

Do you show your femininity in your workwear?

After graduating college, my mother insisted on investing in some decent workwear. That meant putting aside my beloved denims for a while.

For this look I wanted to show how denim can be a staple piece in the office. I choose a flared version, which compliments my curves. The white color makes it fresh. I kept the ensemble simple and added a splash of color with the stripes. To complete the look, I added DYANNE’s XL shopper. She is a Dutch designer and image consultant. I love DYANNE for her practical and still stylish and affordable pieces.

So do you think denim can be worn for the office? Yay or nay?

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