Kat Dennings in Flaunt Magazine!

We are thrilled to see the curvacious Kat Dennings in the latest Flaunt magazine!  Dennings has just finished filming her latest film, Thor, that is based on the popular Marvel comic. Not only is Kat Dennings a great actress, but she has body that may just rival Christina Hendricks.As Flaunt magazine says, “Dennings’ voluptuous body has lent itself to some pretty salacious characters and she doesn’t apologize for it. Her characters tend to be confident in their skin, smart, teenaged, and very, very spirited… you do the math.”Regarding her curves and society’s obsession with body image, Dennings told Nylon magazine, “People are obsessed. Like, do you have anything better to do than not eat and go to the gym, you freak? I mean, ask any size-zero twit if she’s read a book lately.”We definitely love a curvaceous woman who cares about what is upstairs! Check out the stunning pictures of Kat Dennings in Flaunt magazine!What do you think of the curvaceous Kat Dennings in this editorial by Flaunt?  Are you a fan of the actress?