Curvaceous K – New “K”id on the Block

Curvaceous K – New “K”id on the Block

The soft launch of Curvaceous K , on Saturday, November 17, 2012 didn’t disappoint.  And much like it’s moniker which sounds like a DJ rapper’s handle, Curvaceous K, a new curvy girl boutique opening at 179 Stanton Street in the Lower East Side (LES) Manhattan, is poised to make some noise.The owner is Kathy Sanchez, a banker turned bodacious boutique owner.  “I always loved pretty clothes, and was challenged where to find them at a store where I could go and try them on!!”  She targeted that need and the space fell into place as the real estate gods aligned with her mission and she found a store in her neighborhood. She didn’t waste any time and pounced on it like a cat on a canary.

The store will be fully ‘fleshed out’ in a month when the renovations are completed – perhaps if the construction gods are with us, by December 20th to be exact.   And what did I see hanging on the racks? Some old faves like Igigi, Kiyonna and SWAK and some new brands I haven’t had the pleasure of trying on…  Full Figured Fashionista is finally in print!!! Yeah Suchi, the little lady behind the line.  Love these tops!!  Also great fitting jeans from MYNT 1792.  New favorite brand – Taylor Woman.

OMG!  I had to have this subtle python print box pleat dress with a pink belt and rockin’ hot pink lining (the workmanship on the inside is as good as the outside and shows an attention to detail that just screams quality).  And the silhouette is like nothing I own.  What a flattering fit.  Set in waist and giant set in pleats on the skirt with huge side pockets.  Not for your wallet and keys, for your hands!! Divine!!!  I didn’t even know how much I needed a dress like this.  An updated, trend-tastic wardrobe piece if there ever was one.

Watch for the grand opening soon and take a trek to 179 Stanton Street in NYC and support this newest addition to our specialty retail boutique choices.  The renovation will transform it into a beautiful, comfy and inviting place to visit often.  I hope Kathy delivers on her promise to have frequent networking events, special parties and girlfriend get-togethers at the store.  We sooo need a hang out where we can go and gather and buy a trendy wardrobe updater item or two.  Love her taste, style and energy.

Thank you Kathy….we’ll be watching and hope others will embrace you and make you their Special K, too.By Catherine Schuller, AICI, CIP