Can You Wear Two Pairs of Spanx?

woman stretching her spanx

Social media constantly feeds unreal images of women and their shapes. These shapes are not always achievable by dieting or excessive exercise. There are “cheat codes” models usually rely on to achieve such a figure. One of them is Spanx. Notorious shapewear that emphasizes the smoothing and sculpting of the body. But what if you … Read more

Marilyn Monroe Spanx – Did She Wear a Less Modern Version? What We Can Learn

marilyn monroe playfully smiling

Marilyn is said to have been one of history’s most perfect figures. Marilyn Monroe’s intimate contribution to fashion and beauty was her body positivity, body shaping, and sexy figure. Some admired her sensitivity, while others admired her never-ending efforts to make her life more fulfilling. “Marilyn wore shapewear to achieve her corseted waist and hourglass … Read more

Spanx Before and After Pictures (and What to Expect)

spanx when worn under a jeans

Have you ever felt self-conscious about your body? Do you want to know if wearing Spanx is worth it?  Maybe you just want to see some pictures for motivation or ideas of what you’re in for. We’ve compiled some great before and after pictures in Spanx to show you what the average wearer can expect. … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Spanx – Its Benefits and Risks

woman in a chic Spanx

Many people thinking of purchasing Spanx wonder if it will make them thinner or if it’s just another fad, and they want to know the pros and cons of Spanx as a whole. The answer to this question is not straightforward because it depends on different opinions, what you want to wear them for and … Read more

Pictures of Spanx (Compare and Gauge Your Results)

dress after wearing spanx

From time to time, we tend to be conscious of our body shape, especially when going out with friends or on special occasions. Spanx shapewear gives you confidence. Below are some photos we collected from different Spanx types and different Spanx results. These will help you decide what you need and help you see what … Read more

How Effective is Spanx at Reducing Waist Sizes?

yellow dress without and with spanx shapewear

Spanx is the most well-known body shaper brand, but how many inches does Spanx take off the waist? Weddings and other important events are the perfect excuses to look your best. But what if you need a smaller waist to fit into a dress and there’s not enough time to lose weight? Don’t panic! Wearing … Read more

How to Put On Spanx (Tips and Methods)

woman caricature wearing shapewear

Are you struggling to put on your newly-purchased Spanx properly?  When trying Spanx for the first time, it’s probably apparent that this isn’t your typical undergarment. When worn correctly, Spanx slims you down and shapes you up, giving you smoother curves, but it is uncomfortable, annoying, and a pain to wear when worn incorrectly. Thus, … Read more

Does Spanx Help Shape Your Body?

shapewear in hanger

By the end of this post, you’ll know whether Spanx can shape your body or not.  Many people do outrageous things just to get into their favorite outfits. In spite of that, one extra inch can ruin everything for them. That is why most women rely on Spanx. It might be time for you to … Read more

Do you Wear Underwear with Spanx?

woman with spanx bodysuit

Many women prefer to wear underwear with their Spanx. In fact, a survey found that half of all Spanx wearers put underwear on beneath their Spanx. However, underwear is not necessary with Spanx. The point of your Spanx is to produce a smooth and natural form for the body, while underwear frequently compromises this goal … Read more