7 Best Plus Size Shapewear Options (Reviewed 2023)

I love shapewear, and I can’t imagine a life without it– especially when I need to attend important events. Over the years, I have known the secrets of adorning different shapewear pieces. One of those secrets lies in finding the right one. Like I do, most of the time, you’ll feel like it’s part of your skin if you do. I would love for every woman to feel comfortable and more confident in shapewear than ever before – irrespective of her size. That’s why I took the time to review the seven best shapewear pieces for plus-size women that you must wear this year.

Below are a top 7 picks for our best plus-size shapewear pieces designed with each of your body goals and needs in mind.

Quick Summary: 7 Best Plus Size Shapewear Options

Best Open-Bust Shapewear Bodysuit: SHAPERX Shapewear for Women Tummy Control Bodysuit
“This is what you need to achieve a slimmer and charming look.” 
Best Shapewear Corset: Hoffer 328 Women Waist Cincher
“A perfect gift for a woman who cares about body shape and puts in the work!” 
Best Highwaist Shaping Brief: Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief Firm Control
“This Highwaist shaping brief targets the tummy that it gives you a perfectly snatched feeling.” 
Best Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts: Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts Shapewear
“Ago-to body shaper when you want thigh coverage.” 
Best Shaping Camisole: Maidenform Women’s Long Length Shapewear Camisole
“One of the shapewears out there that has a good quality undershirt.” 
Best Waist Trainer/Butt Lifter Shorts: Women Waist Trainer Shapewear Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts
“Made from a comfortable and durable fabric.
Best Everyday Shaping Panties: Spanx Everyday Shaping Panties Boy Shorts
“Offers phenomenal support that guarantees the highest comfort and confidence all day long.”

Reviews of the Best Plus Size Shapewear Options

1. Best Open-Bust Shapewear Bodysuit: SHAPERX Shapewear for Women Tummy Control Bodysuit

This zipper open-bust bodysuit is designed for women who love to look great in dresses.

Quick Specifications: 

  • Zipper closure
  • A non-slip shoulder strap
  • Material: 80% Poliam & Nylon, 20% Elastano & Spandex.
  • Firm control and compression 

[aawp fields=”B07S748397″ value=”thumb” image_size=“medium”]

Fajas Colombianas bodysuit delivers the ultimate tummy control by targeting the midsection while creatively enhancing your natural curves. It does what it’s designed to do – give you a sexy and confident look in all your lovely dresses. The non-slip straps are fully adjustable to ensure the highest level of comfort. And while the other bodysuits in your closet may restrict your choice of bra, the Fajas Colombianas body shaper gives you endless possibilities.

Convenience is usually an important factor when shopping for shapewear. Fajas Colombianas body shaper is the first on this list because of its convenience in usage. Besides its thong style and lace, this bodysuit has an exclusive design that adds to its comfort level. And what’s more, you needn’t remove the body shaper when you visit the bathroom. Whether you are going to the office, holiday, party, wedding, or your usual visits to the club and wish to bring out those curves comfortably, Fajas Colombianas shapewear fits the bill.

2. Best Shapewear Corset: Hioffer 328 Women Waist Cincher

The Women’s 18-Hour Playtex Seamless Smoothing Full Coverage Bra is made of wicking and excellent comfort material to keep you cool and comfortable all day.

Quick Specifications: 

  • It’s comfortable and breathable
  • It offers back and midsection support
  • It has an impeccable high waist design

[aawp fields=”B076FRVW4N” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium”]

Don’t look beyond Hioffer 328 women waist cincher girdle tummy slimmer sex thong panty shapewear. Its midsection and back support are designed to improve your posture and relieve back pain.

When shopping for corsets, I pay a lot of attention to comfort. I love something breathable, and the fabric greatly determines if a corset is comfortable and breathable. You can wear this corset all day, irrespective of the outdoor temperatures, since it’s made of polyester and spandex. Do your love your butt slightly elevated? Well, get this sexy body shaper. You can wear your favorite body shaper under any clothes ranging from casual outfits to wedding, cocktail, prom, or party dresses.

3. Best Highwaist Shaping Brief: Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief Firm Control

It has an extra-wide shaping band that ensures firm control, full coverage, and comfortable compression.

Quick Specifications: 

  • Wide silicone waistband
  • Soft and cool comfort fabric
  • Material – 70% Nylon, 30% Elastane, and 100% cotton for the crotch lining

[aawp fields=”B0088X2DAQ” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium”]

Ever had to deal with roll downs? With this high waist shapewear brief, that will be the least of your worries. And the good news is that you get to boost your curve appeal under anything, including skirts, pants, and dresses.

Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief Firm Control fabric rids your skin of moisture to keep you cool and dry all day. Whatever level of comfort you desire, you get. Of the utmost importance is to ensure that you’ve selected your true size. Avoid sizing down and go up a control level to obtain more compression.

4. Best Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts: Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts Shapewear

Enjoy 360° coverage from thigh to tummy with this Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts Shapewear.

Quick Specifications: 

  • Material: 90% nylon, 10% spandex
  • It’s lightweight and breathable.
  • It offers thigh, waist, and back coverage
  • It offers an anti-slip technology design

[aawp fields=”B09467RFYY” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium”]

Every woman loves a breathable fabric capable of delivering a smoothing and sculpting appearance. That’s what you get with Shapermint high-waisted body shaper shorts. With the waist, thigh, and back support, you get that instant slimming feel in all the right places.

Here is the best part; unlike other body shaper shorts, Shapermint high-waisted body shaper shorts shapewear is machine washable. This means that you can wear it whenever you want. Run it in the machine, tumble it dry, and you are good to go. Going at $24.99, you do get value for your money.

5. Best Shaping Camisole: Maidenform Women’s Long Length Shapewear Camisole

You may wear this daily if you want, which is possible because it’s machine washable.

Quick Specifications: 

  • It’s machine washable.
  • It has a comfortable fabric and long length.
  • Material: 87% nylon & 13% Elastane.

[aawp fields=”B08ZPQH2NC” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium”]

If low-maintenance items are your thing, then you are at home. This shapewear camisole takes care of your midsection by offering moderate to excellent compression. If you choose not to put on a bra, it’s perfect! Your bust area will be fully taken care of. You’ll want to take advantage of its ability to camouflage as a tank for a layered look. With everything it offers, this shapewear is at an incredible price point. For optimal benefits, ensure to buy the right size. Whatever you do, don’t size down!

6. Best Waist Trainer/Butt Lifter Shorts: Women Waist Trainer Shapewear Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts

The seamless high waist thigh slimmer is designed for everyday wear with comfort and the need to smooth out the tummy in mind.

Quick Specifications: 

  • Material: 90% nylon & 10% spandex.
  • It’s machine washable.
  • It’s designed using anti-slip technology.

[aawp fields=”B07QSSHSS6″ value=”thumb” image_size=“medium”]

This works perfectly with any clothing. It’s so comfortable that you can wear it while relaxing at home or during postpartum recovery. Thanks to the anti-slip technology used, the tummy trainer shorts stay in place the whole day. With the thighs, tummy, and waist covered, you instantly experience the much-desired slimmer feel! And for the perfect butt lifting experience that gives you the sexiest look, look no further!

7. Best Everyday Shaping Panties: Spanx Everyday Shaping Panties Boy Shorts

This versatile garment is all-purpose wear, including lounging since they stay in place without riding or digging in.

Quick Specifications: 

  • Material: 90% nylon & 10% spandex
  • It’s machine washable
  • It offers a flat leg opening

[aawp fields=”B086SB79M7″ value=”thumb” image_size=“medium”]

The hidden shaping waistband adds to its versatility. It could become your favorite underwear or loungewear. You never know until you try!

Style – Important Factors When Buying Shapewear

It’s imperative that you select the right style, which boils down to areas you wish to sculpt and outerwear. Take note of this;

  1. Bodysuits are great for smoothing the whole body.
  2. Panties and shorts focus on your behind and the stomach.
  3. Keep hemline in mind when choosing between shorts and panties. Choose a panty for shorter hemline dresses to avoid shapewear showing. For long dresses and skirts, shorts are the most suitable as they also prevent thigh chafing.
  4. Body shaper panties and camisole are excellent when wearing pants or denim. They not only smooth your waistline but also add comfortable support.
  5. Leggings and tights are also worthwhile investments due to their ability to offer light compression. (1)

By now, you realize that not all shapewear pieces are the same. Pay attention to your comfort, compression level, and size. Go for pieces made using anti-slip technology to ensure all-day comfort. It’s uncomfortable, annoying, and embarrassing when constantly adjusting your shapewear. The choice of the waistband should also come into play as it determines your comfort, amount of compression, and how long your body shaper stays in place. (2)

Wrapping Up

The Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts Shapewear for Women Tummy Control Thigh Slimming Technology, according to me, takes it home. Apart from its anti-slip technology, I love that it covers the tummy, waist, and thighs. Also, you can wear it with anything, and on any occasion.

The Women Waist Trainer ShapewearTummy Control Body Shaper Shorts Hi-Waist Butt Lifter Thigh Slimmer is the 1st runner up in this case. Among many other things, it comes with a butt lifter. So, if you feel a bit disadvantaged in that area, this is your go-to shapewear.

Lastly, I feel the SHAPERX Shapewear for Women Tummy Control Fajas Colombianas Body Shaper Zipper Open Bust Bodysuit takes the 2nd runner-up position. I particularly love the zipper closure and lace hemline on the panty line. The anti-slip shoulder straps are also an attractive trait, but the open bust aspect might put off someone who loves shapewear that doesn’t require a bra. That’s my take? What’s yours? Which of the above seven body shapers have you fallen in love with?

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(2) compression level – https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/computer-science/level-compression

Again Our Top Pick

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