What Shoes to Wear with Spanx Leggings (Ideas)

leather spanx leggings

Choosing shoes to pair with Spanx leggings depends on the style you’re going for. When paired with the right clothing and shoes, you can dress them up or down for any occasion. Heeled shoes work best if you want to dress sharply, but white sneakers will work perfectly fine for casual outfits. We’ll give you … Read more

Spanx Under Jeans (Ideas and Photos)

styling skinny jeans

Make your natural figure stand out with any outfit using Spanx under jeans.  You can mix and match different types of Spanx with different styles of jeans to see which one works for your body, but knowing which parts to highlight is a great place to start.  Several types of Spanx can be worn under … Read more

Beyonce Spanx (Photos and Times We Caught Her)

beyonce at ny time square

Beyonce is one of the most iconic and well-known celebrities in the world. We discuss and show her famous Spanx moments below! Queen Bey is a role model for almost every woman. The singer always amazes and leaves everyone in awe of her abilities and style. However, she is still a human with flaws and … Read more

How to Hide a Fupa

woman holding her tummy area

Do you want to hide your FUPA and can’t figure out exactly how? We cover some methods to make sure that pesky weight hides inside. Lower belly fat can make many women feel insecure about their figures, no matter their body type. When someone feels uncomfortable in their skin can reflect upon their mood and … Read more

Do Spanx Make Your Bum Look Smaller

woman in white sleeve dress

Spanx are a popular style of underwear, but do they actually make your bum look smaller? We take a look. Spanx is the current fashion epidemic. Many women every day obtain new pairs of shapewear to slim down a size. Most purchase the product to decrease belly fat’s visibility. However, there exist Span types that … Read more

Does Wearing Spanx Help Lose Weight

a before and after image of a woman wearing shapewear under jeans

There is a lot of debate about whether or not Spanx helps women lose weight. Some people swear by them, while others say they do nothing to help. Shapewear, else known as compression garments, are many women’s top choice to define their figure. Most of them wonder if they can help them with their weight … Read more

Celebrities with Fupa (Fatty Upper Pubic Area)

beyonce and crew

Celebrities are people too. And just like us, they have body parts that don’t always look perfect. Check out these celebs with FUPA (fatty upper pubic area)! Many women feel uncomfortable in their skin due to their imperfections. FUPA is women’s most feared type of fat, creating stress and anxiety concerning weight loss. However, many … Read more

Can You Wear Two Pairs of Spanx?

woman stretching her spanx

Social media constantly feeds unreal images of women and their shapes. These shapes are not always achievable by dieting or excessive exercise. There are “cheat codes” models usually rely on to achieve such a figure. One of them is Spanx. Notorious shapewear that emphasizes the smoothing and sculpting of the body. But what if you … Read more

Marilyn Monroe Spanx – Did She Wear a Less Modern Version? What We Can Learn

marilyn monroe playfully smiling

Marilyn is said to have been one of history’s most perfect figures. Marilyn Monroe’s intimate contribution to fashion and beauty was her body positivity, body shaping, and sexy figure. Some admired her sensitivity, while others admired her never-ending efforts to make her life more fulfilling. “Marilyn wore shapewear to achieve her corseted waist and hourglass … Read more

Spanx Before and After Pictures (and What to Expect)

spanx when worn under a jeans

Have you ever felt self-conscious about your body? Do you want to know if wearing Spanx is worth it?  Maybe you just want to see some pictures for motivation or ideas of what you’re in for. We’ve compiled some great before and after pictures in Spanx to show you what the average wearer can expect. … Read more