How Do You Pee in Shapewear

back to back design sketch for shapewear

Whether you have to wear heavy bridal gowns, expensive party clothing, or swimsuits, your figure, and confidence may benefit from some shapewear. But…if you’re new to this and wondering how you’ll use the bathroom while wearing shapewear, you’re not alone. This is the first question that every girl asks when first using it. In general, … Read more

Can You Wear Shapewear While Pregnant? (Expert Take)

pregnant woman forming a heart with her hands on her tummy

Pregnant women have a lot of questions and concerns about what they can and cannot wear. The last thing they want is to be uncomfortable while pregnant. The answer to this question is not as straightforward as you might think. It really depends on the type of shapewear that you are wearing, your pregnancy stage, … Read more

Does Wearing Shapewear Help Tighten Skin

woman squeezing her side fat

Wearing shapewear is a great way to smooth out your silhouette and help you feel more confident. But does it actually help tighten skin? The honest answer is no. Wearing shapewear will not help your skin tighten, but it can make you look like you have tighter skin! Shapewear is a term that has been … Read more

How to Wash Honeylove Shapewear

hand wash sign on shapewear

Do you follow celebrities on television and in magazines and wish you had a similar body? One of the things you’ve probably not realized is that most of these women you admire love shapewear, and they wear it every day. Among the most known brands is the Honeylove shapewear, and perhaps you’ve got a couple … Read more

Does Shapewear Help Tighten Skin

sagging skin on the woman's tummy

Sagging skin can be such a pain. It can damage your self-esteem and confidence because no outfit will give you that perfect appearance. Appearances matter a lot in all aspects of our lives, and we must do everything possible to bring out or show the world the best possible image. If you are reading this, … Read more

Why Does Shapewear Make Me Look Fatter?

woman wearing a shapewear

The right shapewear is terrific for enhancing your self-esteem and confidence. At times, the opposite could happen where you feel like shapewear gives you a body that looks bigger than usual. So, why does shapewear make me look fatter? Why So?  A couple of things could make you feel and look fatter than you are … Read more

Yianna Waist Trainer Review (A Moms Experience)

Yianna Waist Trainer Review

The Yianna waist trainer is synonymous with comfort and effectiveness and a safe, scientific approach to getting you in perfect shape. With over ten years of experience in the fitness industry, Yianna offers a wide collection of waist trainer products. What to do and where to start when you need a waist trainer? We know … Read more

Best Waist Trainer For Weight Loss

Best Waist Trainer For Weight Loss

Whether you want to have an hourglass figure or burn extra fat, losing weight is a challenge that almost everyone encounters at some point. With the help of a waist trainer, you can reduce your belly fat. For optimum weight loss results, you can exercise daily and eat a healthy diet. If you are in … Read more

Best Waist Trainer For Lower Belly Fat

Best Waist Trainer For Lower Belly Fat

As a mother and exercise nut, I know that at times, belly fat can be hard to burn, or there may not be enough time to catch up on workouts as life gets in the way. In this case, waist trainers have come up as an excellent option to reduce lower stomach fat and shape … Read more