Maggie Walker

Maggie Walker

Certifications: Fashion Design (BA) Education: School of the Art Institute of Chicago Lives In: Chicago Maggie has invaluable experience working in the fashion industry. Regarding fitting and clothing, only a select few can match up with her experience. She oversees every aspect and has put her heart and soul into MadisonPlus.

Body Positive Memes: Promoting Self-Love

body positive memes

Body-positive memes are taking over the internet, and they’re all about promoting self-love and acceptance. These memes are a great way to remind ourselves that our bodies are unique and beautiful and that we should embrace them just as they…

What is Body Positivity? (Explained)

hands up in the air in zoom

Hey there, gorgeous! Today, we will discuss a topic near and dear to my heart: body positivity. You may have heard this term before, but what does it mean? Body positivity is about loving and accepting your body, regardless of…

Body Positive Affirmations: Boosting Confidence!

believe in yourself printed on a yellow wall with a child looking up

Hey there! Are you seeking ways to boost your confidence and feel more positive about your body? Look no further than body-positive affirmations! Body-positive affirmations are powerful tools to boost confidence and self-esteem. By repeating positive statements about yourself and…