How Do You Go to the Bathroom in Spanx? (Tips and Guide)

spanx in different types

If you wear Spanx for a long time, it’s probably a given that you’ll need to use the bathroom at least once during the day. Almost everyone has asked, how do you go to the bathroom in Spanx? Well, that’s simple, and you shouldn’t worry because Spanx has come up with many solutions for this … Read more

How to Keep Spanx From Rolling Up or Down (Tips)

spanx when worn

When we talk about shapewear issues, the most common problems are high-waisted Spanx sliding down or Spanx shaping shorts rolling up thighs. It’s unpleasant and forces you to keep fixing it, negating the confidence boost Spanx is supposed to provide. Well, it happens with all shapewear, and you should not worry because there are many … Read more

5 Best Spanx for Hip Dips (Ideas) – Reviewed 2022

Best Spanx for Hip Dips

Hip dips also called violin hips, are one of the common body shapes caused by genetics and the structure of your pelvis. According to Dr. Rose Perry, medical director of CosmedicsUK, hip dips are more prevalent in women due to how the hip bones are positioned and their hereditary fat distribution. It’s an inherent human … Read more

Can You Wear Spanx Under a Swimsuit?

Spanx under a swimsuit

For many women, thinking about going to the beach can lead to anxiety and a sense of fear. Gaining the confidence to wear a swimsuit is hard to achieve. That is why in a survey by Popsugar Fitness, only two percent of women confidently agree that they can pull off an entire swimsuit /beach attire. … Read more

Can You Cut Spanx Without Ruining Them?

Spanx in different types

The Spanx brand has grown in popularity over the years due to its excellent quality and fit. However, women constantly experience changes in size and shape as well as weight gain and loss. So, when your shapewear no longer fits, a fair question is, can you adjust your Spanx yourself, and can you cut your … Read more

Can Spanx Cause Blood Clots? (A Clinician Chimes In)

pain on the tummy side

Spanx, if worn every day, can cause blood clots. Doctors warn that wearing compression garments over extended periods can cause health issues. According to Dr. John Kuemmerle, in addition to causing blood clots, Spanx can “intensify acid reflux and heartburn” and “trigger esophagitis.” In general, doctors warn that Spanx can induce stiffness in the legs, … Read more

How to Wash Spanx Leather Leggings (Easy Guide)

woman in black heels and black legging

Have you finally discovered the ideal pair of Spanx faux leather leggings but don’t know how to wash them properly? Reading the care label usually will not provide enough information to clean and rinse your leggings. Because the material is different from conventional spandex or polyester, imitation leather takes additional care to keep it in … Read more

Can Spanx Help you Fit Into a Dress?

gorgeous woman in red dress

Spanx’s priority is to see that women of all body types, sizes, and shapes feel comfortable and confident in any dress they wear. It’s among the best shapewear brands for women but when you’re getting ready for a dress that just doesn’t fit anymore a lot of women doubt whether it will help them fit. … Read more