Body Positive Brands (Embrace Confidence & Style)

It’s about time we celebrate brands that empower and embrace body diversity. I’m genuinely excited to introduce you to some amazing body-positive fashion brands that are truly changing the game.

Get to know some favorite brands, like Aerie, Girlfriend Collective, Fenty, and more, who are making waves with their inclusive sizing, diverse models, and strong beliefs in promoting body acceptance. These brands not only empower us to rock our own unique styles but also help us to feel confident in our skin.

Let’s dive in and discover the amazing body-positive brands worth checking out and supporting.

Top Body Positive Brands


I love how Aerie truly embraces body positivity through its collections and campaigns.

Aerie campaign for body positivity
Video | Aerie

A couple of years ago, they stopped retouching their photos and became more inclusive. They offer sizes for various body types and promote a healthy self-image.

Seeing a brand that celebrates all body shapes and sizes feels amazing, and I genuinely feel confident and beautiful wearing their products.


Dove is another brand that consistently champions body positivity. Who can forget their groundbreaking Real Beauty campaign?

Dove's Real Beauty campaign
Video | Dove US

They made an amazing effort to showcase real women with diverse body types, ages, and ethnicities. Dove made me realize that I don’t need to fit into an unrealistic beauty standard to feel and look fabulous.

They celebrate all types of beauty, making me proud to love my body just the way it is.


Thinx is a great brand that offers size-inclusive period-proof underwear.

Thinx size-inclusive period-proof underwear campaign
Video | Thinx

Their products emphasize both function and fashion without compromising on comfort.

More importantly, Thinx encourages open conversations about menstruation and works to break down the stigma surrounding periods.

It is refreshing that they challenge the norm and promote body positivity and acceptance.


I fell in love with ThirdLove when I saw their diverse range of models and inclusive sizing options.

ThirdLove inclusive sizing options campaign
Video | ThirdLove

Their “To Each, Her Own” campaign showcases women with various body types.

They truly understand that each woman is unique and deserves to feel good in her skin. Wearing their lingerie makes me feel empowered and confident.


Summersalt is a swimwear brand that prides itself on offering a perfect fit for all body types.

Summersalt perfect fit for all body types campaign
Video | Summersalt

I feel genuinely seen and heard with their impressive size range and eco-friendly materials.

Not only do their swimsuits look amazing, but they also make me feel comfortable and confident at the beach

Universal Standard

Universal Standard breaks the mold by offering a size range from 00 to 40.

Universal Standard breaks the mold campaign
Video | Universal Standard

I absolutely love that their mission is to eliminate the barriers between straight and plus sizes.

Their effortlessly chic and comfortable clothing options have become staples in my wardrobe.

Girlfriend Collective

Last but not least is Girlfriend Collective. Their eco-friendly activewear line is made for women of all sizes.

Girlfriend Collective eco-friendly activewear line campaign
Video | Carrie Dayton

Not only do they promote body positivity, but they also practice sustainability and ethical manufacturing.

I feel good wearing their activewear, knowing I support an inclusive and environmentally-conscious brand.

Other Body-Positive Brands and Comparison

Brand NameProduct CategorySize RangeBody Positive Initiatives/Features
FableticsActivewearXXS – 4XInclusive sizing, variety of body types in advertising
ASOS CurveApparel, Shoes12 – 26Curve and Plus size range, diversity in advertising
ModClothApparel, ShoesXXS – 4XCommitment to representing all body types, range of models
AthletaActivewearXXS – 3XExtended sizes, a variety of body types in advertising
ChromatSwimwear, ActivewearXS – 4XInclusive sizing, diverse runway shows, commitment to celebrating all bodies
Savage X Fenty (by Rihanna)LingerieXS – 3X, 32A – 44DDDDiverse model cast, variety of nude shades
NooworksApparelXS – 4XInclusive sizing, collaboration with independent artists, diverse models
The table features a variety of brands that align with body positivity in different ways, including diverse sizing, representation in advertising, and specific body-positive campaigns.

The Culture Impact of Body Positivity Brands

Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being

woman holding a placard that says "I AM MORE THAN A BODY"

As someone passionate about body positivity, I’ve noticed how brands embracing this movement have tremendously impacted mental health and well-being.

The messages these brands convey through their marketing and products make a difference in how people perceive themselves.

While scrolling through social media, I often come across posts from brands like Dove that celebrate and promote all body types, which helps to create a sense of inclusivity and self-acceptance.

Challenging Stereotypes in the Fitness Industry

two women of different body size

Body positivity brands have also been instrumental in challenging stereotypes in the fitness industry.

I remember when Nike featured plus-size models in their campaigns, it was a bold move that sparked a conversation about the need for more diversity and inclusivity in fitness.

Initiatives like This Girl Can by Sport England aim to break the mold and empower women to embrace exercise and sports regardless of shape, size, or appearance.

Encouraging Authenticity and Realness

three women wearing a brown shade one piece, dress, and bodycon

What I find most refreshing about body positivity brands is their commitment to promoting authenticity and realness.

These brands breathe fresh air in a world where airbrushed and edited images often dominate.

Body-positive brands encourage self-acceptance and challenge traditional beauty standards by showcasing real people and their stories.

One of my favorite aspects of this movement is seeing how it is being embraced by fashion brands that cater to consumers of all sizes, making fashion more accessible for everyone.




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