Yianna Waist Trainer Review (A Moms Experience)

The Yianna waist trainer is synonymous with comfort and effectiveness and a safe, scientific approach to getting you in perfect shape. With over ten years of experience in the fitness industry, Yianna offers a wide collection of waist trainer products.

What to do and where to start when you need a waist trainer? We know that there is no universal perfect brand of trainer; however, we do expressly recommend the Yianna waist trainer because of some amazing benefits for your body it provides. The following information will allow you to make the best decision.

Some general pros and cons we found with the Yianna Brand.


  • The comfort level is great due to the high quality of the latex fabric
  • This provides a secure and proper fit due to the hook and eye closure
  • This garment adapts to fine curves providing a high resistance due to the high compression material


  • Disadvantages may be the chemical smell of the fabric.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Yianna Waist Trainer

There are three options and we have provided some common features and issues to keep in mind when choosing. 

A Brand with an Excellent Reputation

Not all brands on the market prove to be effective. Most of them express countless benefits of using the product, but during use, this may not be noticed. This happens with brands that may be newer and have not had time to hone their product design.

Taking into account the reputation and experience of a given brand is useful, as is the case with Yianna. Ultimately, it is obvious through the many diehard Yanna fans how good this brand is and why it is so popular. Reputation provides security and confidence to women who choose Yianna waist trainers.

High-Quality Products

If you are looking for a waist trainer that is good quality, comfortable and effective, Yianna is reliable. In just a few weeks, anyone can notice a difference in their daily routine and see amazing results.

Yianna uses top-quality materials. This ensures comfortable and non-hazardous use, providing good results. By purchasing the Yianna waist trainer, the manufacturer guarantees that you will receive a fully adjustable waist trainer made with fabrics and designs of the utmost quality that will last for years.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

When it comes to waist training, you want a product that you can easily clean and maintain. With the Yianna Waist Trainer, you won’t have to worry about washing it alone because the fabric is easy to clean. This allows for odor-free use while taking care of the lifespan.

Comfortable to Wear

Yianna waist trainers are comfortable because they have a complex design that really lets you choose your exact fit. They have a high-quality, soft fabric and they also come in different sizes.

Features & Benefits

1. YIANNA Waist Trainer for Women Underbust Latex

In this Yianna waist trainer review, we can see that getting a nicer figure is easy. Every aspect of this accessory design is for women who want to improve their figure.

[aawp fields=”B0101BQV2I” value=”thumb” image_size=“medium”]

Excellent Results

It is intended for everyday use. This means that this garment can be very efficient at postpartum recovery, social events, yoga, aerobics, jogging, walking, running, going to the gym, or different alternatives. 

This garment specifically takes care of each of the core muscles. The risk of injury is considerably reduced. It is possible to reduce the waist by 5 or 6 centimeters regardless of each woman’s size. This allows obtaining a much more attractive figure.

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Great Durability

In this model, we find a set of high-level materials. This garment has 96% soft cotton, 4% spandex, and a middle layer wholly made of latex. This latex is highly durable and has an excellent lifespan. It is possible to use this garment for short torso waists or long torsos. (1)

This garment can also be used as a boned waist trainer corset. We can control the belly while creating the hourglass figure we want. When using this garment in different sporting activities, the durability remains consistent.

Very Easy to Use

You will be able to notice that this garment is effortless to use right from the start. Any woman can get a great fit, thanks to the classic hook closure design. Three columns with hook and eye closure are incorporated, and you can choose the most suitable fit in every situation. This is perfect for postpartum recovery.

There is even a wide variety to choose from to be the center of attention in all kinds of places. This is a waist trainer that provides an hourglass figure that is highly sought after by any woman. 


  • Excellent durability and lifespan.
  • Three columns of hooks for a precise fit
  • High-quality materials


  • Must know the proper size 

2. Yianna Waist Trainer Corsets

A highly functional corset that provides a different design for your comfort. Natural latex rubber has been incorporated to give a different feel in various activities. 

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Obvious Results

This corset has a support cloth underneath the built-in hooks so that the skin is not irritated when closing the zipper when we perform different actions. This itself indicates that this is a corset that can be used in other activities.

Some of them can be sports of varying intensity levels, running, walking, or any other kind of domestic physical activity. 

Durability and Lifespan 

Durability is one of the most convenient features of this option. In the outer layer, we can find 100% polyester. The same material has been used to manufacture the inner lining. This allows it to be a very comfortable and soft garment to wear while providing an excellent fit. Those sensitive to latex should wear a shirt under this garment. (2)

Nine steel rods have also been incorporated to help in shaping the figure. All this allows obtaining a reduction of 3 to 5 inches of waist instantly. We will be able to feel abdominal compression and lumbar support. These features do not deteriorate throughout the lifespan of this training garment.

Excellent Comfort and Ease of Use

You can put on this zipper waist trainer in no time. The fit is effortless to understand and implement right from the start. You will also be provided with latex straps.

These latex straps are specially designed to improve the functionality of the waist trainer. It will be much easier to get the proper fit that every woman wants to enjoy. 


  • Reduces waste by 3 to 5 inches
  • Excellent abdominal compression and lumbar support
  • Optimal durability and lifespan


  • Not very subtle for social events 

3. YIANNA Waist Trainer for Women Latex Underbust

Among the alternative options of great waist trainers is this garment. This excellent garment can reduce the waistline by 2 to 4 inches instantly.

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Optimal Results

You can get an hourglass figure quickly, this garment allows reduction of up to 4 inches of the waist.

People who use this option will enjoy the excellent thermal activity in the whole central area. It allows correcting the posture of the back while increasing perspiration for weight loss in different activities. This is why many choose to implement this waist trainer in sports, hiking, or physical activities. 

The Durability of the Structure

For the manufacture of the outer layer, 100% natural latex has been used. This is not the only layer incorporated in this waist trainer. A lining made of cotton and spandex has been added. This provides an excellent feeling of softness to avoid any irritation during physical activity.

This garment also can absorb moisture or sweat. A set of thin steel parts has been added to provide adequate support and excellent resistance. This is why a waist trainer can be ideal for the gym, work, or even for a party.

Great Ease of Use

Another feature of this waist trainer is incorporating four rows of a large hook and eye closures. This allows you to find the best fit, depending on your settings. These four rows can also be perfect for use in losing weight.

As a woman’s figure evolves with physical activity, this waist trainer can accompany the entire procedure. Some of us may start with a particular row of closures and move on to the next once we have lost enough weight. This is a more convenient option as it is one of the few that includes these four rows of closures.


  • Four rows of hook and eye fasteners
  • Excellent strength construction
  • Subtle design for a variety of uses


  • The average level of adjustability

Social Proof

According to our research, these are the three most convenient options for most of us. We have found many testimonials from other women who claim to have found Yianna is the best way to slim their figures. 

This is a clear demonstration of the excellent performance of any of the three options we have analyzed.


When it comes to slimming the figure and quickly, a waist trainer is the best choice. This not only provides an immediate result by reducing the waist up to 6 inches.

It is also an excellent way to accompany a physical activity or look much nicer at different social events. That is why it is recommended to have one of these three options immediately to start noticing effects.

(1) latex – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iKP-7XDhNs
(2) polyester – https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/chemistry/polyester-fiber

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