Waist Trainer Plus Size Before and After – 7 Photos & Stories

Waist trainers are a controversial and popular product when it comes to weight loss and body shaping. They are gaining popularity because the debate over their effectiveness still abounds, with some people swearing by them to reduce the waist instantly and give a confidence boost.

But, what is a waist trainer and how do they work? There are various waist trainers on the market, but we have found that the best waist trainers work by compressing your body with clothing to make you sweat more and help you lose waist size. 

Waist trainers are an excellent way to improve your posture and appearance. They work by cinching the abdominal muscles, which improves posture.

A good rule of thumb is to buy a waist trainer that is two inches smaller than your natural waist size to get the best results.

Table Comparing the Results

NameBeforeAfterChange Rating /10
KemiUnnoticeable Noticeable 7/10
Hanna-Gabe Unnoticeable Very Noticeable 8/10
Tatyana Lopez UnnoticeableMildly Noticeable5/10
Suhey CastilloUnnoticeable Noticeable 7/10
Aisha ButterflyUnnoticeableUnnoticeable 2/10
Jazz NicoleUnnoticeable Very Noticeable8/10
Giselle UnnoticeableExtremely Noticeable9/10

Before and After Results and Stories

A lot of people who post before and after pictures are not entirely honest about their transformation. Many people will do “before” shots after or before water loss or unflattering angles and then do “after” shots without eating and flattering angles. There are so many tricks to make your body look thinner or fuller in pictures that it’s very hard to know what’s actually real or not. Here we have compiled some of the most honest stories and before and after photos we could find. Enjoy.

Story 1: Kemi


Kemi Before 1


Kemi After

Kemi started her waist training journey with a 33-inch underbust, 37 inches waistline, and a 40-inch gut. Kemi used a  Latex waist trainer for the exercise. While most people do not wear a tank top under the latex waist trainer, she preferred to use it to absorb the sweat and prevent the possible itchiness due to the direct contact. 

For the first 10 days, she kept herself comfortable by fastening the outermost hooks of the waist trainer, with the intent of gradually moving inwards as the weeks passed. Within 2 weeks, Kemi noticed some unreal progress, as her waist measurement reduced considerably. Her waist certainly appeared to have slimmed down.

By day 18, the difference was visible since she reduced her underbust to 32 inches while the waistline to 34.5 inches. She could also notice some reduction in her waist trainer lower belly to 38 inches, which she labeled her problem region. 

By day 30, Kemi’s body measurement read more or less similar to what we saw on day 18. Her underbust was still 32 inches, and her gut was still 38 inches. But the overall results were excellent. Even though Kemi wasn’t awfully conscious of her diet, she showed excellent progress, thanks to wearing a suitable waist trainer size. (1)

Watch here journey here:

Story 2: Hanna-Gabe 


Hanna Gabe Before 1


Hanna Gabe After 1

Hannah stunned her viewers with one of the most amazing waist trainer lower belly transformations of all. She revealed the secret to quick reduction to be wearing the body waist trainer daily. Hannah followed the regime, and within two months into her journey, she could notice visible differences. She bought a suitable waist trainer size.

Within the first week itself, she could see that the body waist trainer has been doing the magic that it promised. When she started, Hannah’s waist size was 36.5, while her hips measured 40 inches. Within a year, she had lost a staggering 10 inches off her waist, measuring just 26 inches. 

The consistent and right use of the corset waist trainer indeed paid off and offered a set of more benefits, too, including providing excellent back posture. Right from the outset, she wore it 6-8 hours per day. Her suggestion to people who couldn’t commit to these hours, to reduce the number to at least 4 hours a day. 

The one thing she advised was to exercise regularly and not depend entirely on the trainers. The size is bound to reduce with consistency, and Hanna has personally vouched for it from her experience.

Watch her journey here:

Story 3: Tatyana Lopez


Tatyana Lopez Before 1


Tatyana Lopez After 1

Tatyana Lopez started recording her journey with a 29-inch waist. Like many other people who tried a corset waist trainer, she wore a thin tank top underneath the trainers to avoid skin irritation. On the first day, she wore it for about 2 hours. With the body waist trainer on, her waist size inches became 28.5. 

On day 2, Tatyana wore it for 4 hours. She did this exercise to get her body accustomed to the compression that the body waist trainer may cause, rather than jumping the gun. On day 3, she increased the duration even further. By this time, she confessed that her previous discomfort was easing. Perhaps her body was finally getting accustomed to the corset waist trainer, and thus, the long hours didn’t seem like a burden on the waist. 

During the journey,  Tatyana didn’t take a break from exercise and continued to do bits of workouts to complement the effects of the waist trainer. She continued to increase the hours as the days went on. By the end of her first week, she reduced her waist size inches without the trainers to 28.5. While the progress wasn’t enormous, it did prove that wearing the body waist trainer works, as long as the waist trainer size is appropriate to the body. 

By the end of her journey, Tatyana’s waist measured 28 inches. She admitted that the results weren’t as amazing as she had hoped, but these trainers react differently to different bodies and that consistent use would show better results at some point. Her waist trainer before and after images are indeed remarkable.

Watch her journey here:

Story 4: Suhey Castillo


Suhey Castillo Before 1


Suhey Castillo After 1

Suhey Castillo tried to do things a little differently. She used a waist trainer to reduce her waist size inches without exercising during her journey. She started with a slightly bulky belly. Her waist size was 40 inches, while her entire belly vertically measured 11 inches. 

Due to these measurements, she had to use body waist trainer extenders to expand the waist trainer size to accommodate her body. However, a plus-size waist trainer for the lower belly could’ve also done the trick. After wearing the waist trainer corset on amazon, Suhey’s lower fat belly decreased to 37 inches. 

By week two, her waist trainer lower belly fat remained more or less the same. However, week 3 brought some progress. Her waist slimmed down. It was in week 4 that she noticed a huge difference. Mind it, there was no exercise involved, which most waist trainer users advise. She admitted to wearing it for 8-14 hours a day. 

On week 4, her waist measured 39 inches, a good 1 inch less than week 1’s belly. At this point, she chucked out the extenders. This alone stands testament to her progress. Though, the size of her lower belly was the same. Yet, considering that she didn’t exercise, it was amazing how her body transformed in 4 weeks. Take a look at her waist trainer before and after pictures and notice the difference for yourself.

Story 5: Aisha Butterfly


Aisha Butterfly Before 1


Aisha Butterfly After 1

Aisha Butterfly had a rough start to her waist trainer weight loss journey. She found the body waist trainer corset to be uncomfortable. Aisha even felt that she couldn’t even breathe at times. Due to this, she took a break from using it for a while before making a comeback. 

She used to wear the waist trainer weight loss while doing her work shifts. Her journey was two months long. However, by the end of those eight weeks, Aisha’s waist did not show any signs of reduction. It measured the same as before. Her verdict on the efficacy of the good waist trainer corset was that it was just temporary.

Watch her journey here:

Story 6: Jazz Nicole


Jazz Nicole Before 1


Jazz Nicole After 1

Jazz Nicole took a different approach to her waist trainer weight loss journey. She did not get any exercise done and kept her diet pretty much the same as before. Yet, it was a fruitful experience for her. Based on the size chart of the trainer’s brand, she got herself a waist trainer of small size, though there is also a plus-size waist trainer for the lower belly available for those who need it. On day one, Jazz’s waist measured 29 inches, while her lower stomach measured 32.7 inches. 

Getting inside the body waist trainer the first time around was a tough job for Jazz, even while clipping the outermost row of hooks. The discomfort was unreal, but a lot of first-timers appear to endure the same pain. For the first 2-3 days, she wore the good waist trainer for just 2 hours per day but gradually kept increasing the duration in the hope of getting better results. 

The maximum time she wore it was 8 hours a day. By the end of the first week, she got pretty comfortable in the garment. After a few days, she could feel her waist getting a little slimmer, and thus, moved to the next row of hooks with ease. 

This proved the progress Jazz made in the days leading up to this point. By the end of her 30-day waist trainer weight loss challenge, Jazz’s waist slimmed down to 26.7 inches, while the lower part of her stomach measured 30.7 inches. Waist trainers certainly worked like a charm for this woman. 

Watch her journey here:

Story 7: Giselle


Giselle Before 1


Giselle After 1

Giselle made waist trainer weight loss a part of her lifestyle for a month. She wore the good waist trainer amazon before breakfast to avoid struggling to wear it after bloating her stomach. She started with wearing a suitable waist trainer size an hour a day and slowly increased the hours. 

Once her body became comfortable in the latex waist trainer amazon, she increased the hours to 7-8 hours. Giselle did not wear it in the gym, as she used different garments during her workouts. 

By the end of her journey, she had lost a whopping 3 waist size inches due to her commitment to a waist trainer corset on amazon. It was a month-long fruitful journey. The fact that she was consistent in her workouts and ate healthy must have played a pivotal role in such progress.

Watch her journey here:

What Results Are Common While Waist Training?

The common result of using a body waist trainer is that it can considerably slim down a person’s waist size. A lot of people have also gotten into shape using a suitable waist trainer size, which can be tricky with just exercising. However, a waist trainer cannot help in weight loss. It can temporarily reduce the size, and with consistent use, make the waist appear smaller. The key is to get a perfect waist trainer corset. There is also plus size waist trainer for lower belly options available in the market.

Will Before and After Photos of People’s Waist Training Journey Keep Me Motivated?

The before and after photos of each person differ greatly, as each waist trainer’s corset worked differently on different kinds of bodies. It’s all about wearing the right waist trainer size. However, pictures of waist trainer weight loss journeys are an excellent tool to keep ourselves motivated at the end of the day. Since we’re sure accustomed to comparing ourselves with what we see on the internet and aspire to achieve that, it can be a good motivator, but only if you’re serious about slimming down your waist and are willing to experience a little discomfort for a month or so. 

What Results Can I Expect?

Waist trainers act as a temporary corset to help with weight loss. They help create a slim waist that is attractive and active.

The first thing that you can expect from a waist trainer is an instant decrease in your appetite. The pressure from the garment around your midsection, for instance, will cause you to eat less than normal. One of the biggest reasons people who have a hard time losing weight wear waist trainers is that they give them the feeling of fullness, stopping them from eating too much.

Waist trainers also have the ability to control blood flow throughout the body which can lead to faster weight loss and even help with mood regulation. (2)

Results can vary drastically, but when it comes to instant results, you will see something immediately. Regarding long-term results, this is a more hotly debated topic since some people swear by them and say they help while others say they are useless in the long term and only a temporary measure.


There is a lot of hype around waist trainers, and people from all walks of life are now using them.

While the idea of wearing a special garment to help with weight loss sounds like a good idea, waist trainers are not the most effective way to lose weight. They should be used with caution because of their many possible health issues, but if you do use one in the end, it could be a great temporary implement and confidence booster.

(1) body measurement – https://www.dummies.com/health/how-to-get-your-body-measurements/
(2) weight loss – https://www.webmd.com/diet/default.htm

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