What is a Waist Trainer?

As someone with a connection to the fitness and weight loss world, I get a lot of questions regarding what exactly waist trainers are.

In short, a waist trainer is a type of garment that is designed to compress the waist area in order to make it smaller. There are two different types of waist trainers — one that provides compression and support around the lower back, hip, and abdomen, while the other only provides compression on the abdomen.

Usually, we use a waist trainer as an undergarment. For the structure of a waist trainer, manufacturers use thick fabric and hard metal. You use a system of Velcro hooks or laces to wear the waist trainer around the waist, covering the entire abdominal area. 

A waist trainer models the figure of a woman or a man. Most people can obtain an hourglass-style body through use. A waist trainer is also often used to complement physical activity or weight loss.

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About the History of Waist Trainers

Women have been using waist trainers for over five thousand years. Other sources claim that girdles have been used for centuries to help conceal larger waists and minimize the appearance of the midsection.

Waist training is a simple concept: it is achieved by using a waist trainer worn for several hours a day. Hence, today, they stand in place of fad diets to provide a more effective, faster, and safer way to achieve a slimmer waist.

what is waist trainer

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Ethel Granger has the tiniest waist globally, at only 13 inches. According to her measurements, at 1.70 meters and 90 pounds. All of this was possible with a waist trainer.

What Materials are Required to Manufacture a Waist Trainer?

Even though all waist reducers aim to help you achieve the same goal, several differences are under the surface. The type of fabric used can have a significant impact on your experience. Hence it’s essential to know more about each option. Let’s go through the materials. (1)


Waist trainers made of natural latex provide the most effective form of waist-reduction. This is because of the high amount of compression a latex waist trainer can give and its durability compared to alternatives such as fabric or plastic.

latex waist trainer


Cotton body shapers are available in various girths, and each varies in construction. Since it is made exclusively with cotton, it has an easy-to-wear, soft blend that still allows your skin to breathe.

Latex-Free Blend

Compression is an essential part of anybody shaping solution, but many people with latex allergies have been forgotten in the past. Thanks to the latex-free material, you can now benefit from the incredible fitting power of a girdle even if you are allergic to latex. (2)

Seamless Design

This waist trainer is fully lined with cotton fabric for an invisible finish and total comfort.

seamless design waist trainer

Steel-Boned Corsets

These waist trainers have steel boned design, making modern waist trainers more effective at providing a firm shape than the traditional corset. The modern versions, unlike latex girdles, are usually lined with satin, polyester, or cotton.

Cotton can feel more relaxed on the skin than other fabrics. It is a beautiful and feminine item of clothing that has been around for many years.

How Long Do You Have to Use a Waist Trainer to See Results?

A waist trainer alone does not usually provide complete results. Two main factors are the most important when it comes to noticing results. One is the amount of time a person chooses to use a waist trainer.

waist trainer result

The other important factor is the amount of physical exercise a person decides to do. A person can begin to notice some results in about two weeks. It would be best if you used the waist trainer 6 hours per day and six days per week. The most noticeable results may be seen after six months, although it could be less time than that.

A waist trainer is specifically designed to accompany physical activity on most occasions. There are many other uses, although physical activity is always the primary purpose of a waist trainer. 

A waist trainer also can follow the development of the body. Using a waist trainer can amplify the muscular changes produced by some activities or physical exercises. A waist trainer also allows shaping the body during body fat loss. 

Are waist trainers dangerous?

They can be dangerous when not used properly. People who permanently use a waist trainer may notice several side effects. Some of these side effects may be more serious than others.

  • Shortness of Breath: Lung capacity is impaired decreasing the amount of air a person can inhale.
  • Weakening of Muscles: Different abdomen or pelvic floor muscle areas are weakened if the person does not perform intense physical exercise.
  • Organ Damage: Some organs in the middle part of the body may be damaged due to the compression of the waist trainer.
  • Gastrointestinal Problems: The digestive system may also present some issues in the digestion of food due to this same compression.
stomach waist trainer


A waist trainer is a great accessory to shape your figure when combined with physical exercise. Knowing the best way to use a waist trainer can help you avoid all the side effects. By doing that, you can enjoy a positive experience and a more pleasant body. 

But one more question, do waist trainers work? Well, you may check waist trainer plus size before and after for the results. We hope this article helps you. Until next time!

(1) type of fabric – https://www.picocleaners.com/blog/the-12-different-types-of-fabric/
(2) latex allergies – https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/latex-allergy/symptoms-causes/syc-20374287

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