Does Shapewear Help You Lose Weight?

Some people still wonder if shapewear can truly help you lose weight. The answer is yes, it can temporarily help if used appropriately along with controlling your diet and exercise.

The Studies out There

While examining studies and looking for a real reply to this our editor found there were no concrete studies that showed that shapewear could make any difference in losing weight

There was one study showing a slight benefit, this study was however later denounced for having too low a sample size and having participants do different exercises in the a/b test groups while wearing the shapewear. As of now, there is no added concrete physiological benefit from using shapewear while exercising.

Added Self Confidence in Shapewear Leads to More Weight Loss? (Study)

Shapewear can have the added benefit of helping you lose weight and that is due to self-confidence. In multiple studies, people with more self-confidence were shown to be better at tackling and readjusting goals as they came. This can translate to your workout, it may sound like a question of chicken and egg, but the more confident and better you look the more you’ll want to continue to workout and lose more weight. (1

Shapewear for Weight Loss? A Dream or Reality?

Shapewear is a compression garment that is used to maintain body shape while smoothing your curves. It is an undergarment that is used to flatten your belly fat for a smart and slim look. It can be used to shed extra weight when you wear it for a prescribed routine. These trainers only deliver temporary effects. You must also follow a strict diet and live a healthy lifestyle to have maximum benefits.

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Types of Shapewear?

There are different types of shapewear available on the market. It depends on your requirements and which type you need. There are six basic types of shapewear, which are as follows:

  • Overall abdomen Shapewear
  • Shapewear in sizes XL/XXL
  • Camisole Shapewear
  • Thighs Shapewear
  • Waist control Shapewear or waist trainers
  • Workout Shapewear

Does Shapewear Help you Lose Weight?

So does wearing shapewear help lose weight? The answer is yes. Due to its compressing nature, it increases blood circulation, which causes sweating, this way, you can lose extra temporary weight. It would be beneficial if you exercised while wearing shapewear. It is made up of breathable material which does not bother you while exercising.

How Tight Should Shapewear Be?

The best shapewear should not be so tight that it starts to hurt your body. If you start feeling breathless or itchy, you should immediately take off the shapewear. Always select shapewear that is neither too tight nor too loose for your body.

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How Many Hours Should I Wear Shapewear?

It is suggested that one should wear shapewear for at least 8 hours and not more than that. Shapewear can be used on alternate days. Everyday use can cause major health risks as shown in many studies.

Does It Help Sculpt Your Figure?

When using shapewear from an early age as the body is developing it can grow into the shapewear and become formed, but it is never recommended for children. Early Maya civilizations were known for using instruments to shape certain body parts of growing children so they would form in a certain manner as they grew, however, they found using these devices on adults produced no discernable results. (2)

Wrapping Up

Shapewear can help you lose your excess body fat or belly fat if used correctly. It is recommended that one should use shapewear with a controlled diet and other weight-loss exercises too.

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