Can You Wear Shapewear While Pregnant? (Expert Take)

Pregnant women have a lot of questions and concerns about what they can and cannot wear. The last thing they want is to be uncomfortable while pregnant.

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as you might think. It really depends on the type of shapewear that you are wearing, your pregnancy stage, and how much weight you have gained so far.

The right shapewear will help you feel more comfortable in your clothes, which will make your pregnancy easier for both you and your baby. (1)

But is it true that shapewear is not allowed during pregnancy?

It is recommended to avoid shapewear that puts pressure on the belly and stomach area like waist trainers. If you are still unsure, You can go for a safer choice, such as maternity shapewear. This type of maternity shapewear is perfectly safe to wear during pregnancy, contrary to popular belief. You can wear it without fear. Because your baby is properly protected by a plethora of amniotic fluid as well as other safeguards, the gentle pressure of this shapewear will cause no harm.

Why not look gorgeous while pregnant? Pregnant women have every right to look stunning and we will take you through more do’s and don’ts of shapewear in pregnancy.

Is it Safe to Wear Shapewear During Pregnancy?

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Yes! Wearing shapewear on non-stomach areas during pregnancy is indeed very safe, especially shapewear that focuses on your thighs, buttocks, and other body parts like Spanx.

However, you must take caution here and avoid shapewear that puts pressure on your stomach and stomach area. Also, waist trainers are completely forbidden during pregnancy.

Pregnancy/Maternity Shapewear

Let us now discuss pregnancy/maternity shapers. Maternity shapewear is more tolerant toward the belly than normal shapewear. Another point to remember when shopping for pregnancy shapewear is that it should be seamless, and without any hooks and zippers. 

Shapewear such as shaping slips, butt-lifting and slimming shapewear, shaping skirts, and thigh shapers are some examples of pregnancy shapewear.

Spanx Power Mama Shaper,  Leonisa Women’s Seamless Maternity Support Panty, and Belly Bandit – Thighs Disguise Pregnancy Shapewear Shorts are among the best maternity shapewear for pregnant women.

Does Maternity Shapewear Have Benefits Too?

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“As your baby bump expands, maternity shapewear can improve your posture and remove weight from your back,” explains Dr. Sekhon.

“It can also be comfier than normal underwear or leggings, which can slip and bunch.” This is particularly the case at the start of a pregnancy, she explains because pre-pregnancy underwear may still fit but may not always sit properly on your shifting body. “As long as you’re not wearing the type that constricts at the tummy, wearing shapewear during pregnancy is entirely safe and likely to be really comfortable,” she explains. (2)

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