How Do You Pee in Shapewear

Whether you have to wear heavy bridal gowns, expensive party clothing, or swimsuits, your figure, and confidence may benefit from some shapewear.

But…if you’re new to this and wondering how you’ll use the bathroom while wearing shapewear, you’re not alone. This is the first question that every girl asks when first using it.

In general, peeing in shapewear is a little bit difficult but using some hacks you can make this process easy for you. Like Using Shapewear with a pee hole, making a hole yourself, using a medical device for shapewear like the peeLUX, or peeing while squatting at a 45-degree angle. If done correctly, these tricks can be quite useful.

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Remember One Thing; IT IS NORMAL!

So, before moving on to the solution, it is essential to acknowledge, without shame, that it happens to every one of us. Even celebs, like Kim Kardashian, admitted to peeing all over her Spanx. (1)

The most key fact to remember when using the washroom while using shapewear is that this is normal and that you are not alone!

And that’s just fine…below we have found some solutions.

Does Shapewear Have a Pee Hole?

This is a common question among females. Shapewear comes in a variety of styles and types. 

different style of shapewear

Since Shapewear comes in different styles and types. And  Not all shapewear has a pee hole in it, if you are looking for something easy, I would suggest you choose a pair of Spanx that is specifically designed with a pee hole.

Unfortunately, with a hole, it creates a hell of a mess while peeing. It is not a real solution. You will not be completely at peace with these either.

5 Ways to Prevent Peeing on Shapewear while Using a Bathroom

1. Using Tissue Paper

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Video | Daily Mail

This trick is for shapewear with a pee hole. All you have to do is insert a toilet/tissue paper at the edges of the pee hole so that during peeing, your shapewear will not get dirty.

2. Keeping Your Legs Closed

If you have a longline shirt, you could try to pee with your legs closed. Tuck any exposed strings on the shapewear, and think before acting so you may not have to remove the outfit to pee.

3. Use a Medical Device

demo on how to insert peeLUX between shapewear's opening
Video | Chrissyb Styles

It is also recommended to use medical devices like the peeLUX that make peeing easy in shapewear. However, remember that it is also helpful for shapewear with pee holes. (2)

4. Squat at a 45 Degrees Angle

woman doing seat on the air exercise

You can kneel at a 45-degree angle in tight-fitting shapewear styles like bodysuits or any figure-shaping lingerie while still keeping a little space between your thighs, allowing for convenient peeing. This is far more convenient than using the restroom while standing up with your legs touching.

5. DIY Pee Hole

woman cutting clothe for sewing

Create one yourself if you have shapewear that does not have a pee hole.

However, it is not as easy as it seems… You must proceed cautiously, or your shapewear will be ruined. I would recommend consulting a tailoring and stitching specialist.

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