How to Connect Shapewear to Bra (4 Great Tips)

If you are preparing to go to an office party, date, or a meeting. You want to look your best, and wearing shapewear is one way of getting that flawless look. You have some great shapewear ready but can’t seem to get it right as far as connecting it to your beautiful bra is concerned, well we will be covering that and more below. 

To connect shapewear to a bra follow these steps.

Use your strapless bra as a layering tool over high-waisted control briefs. Get hold of the top line of your tummy control shapewear and tuck it inside the bra band for added security against having it roll down. 

So, what to do? Relax! We’ve got your back. After reading this article, you’ll never have to deal with the shapewear-bra dilemma another day in your life. Here are four amazing tips for a seamless shapewear-bra connection.

Why Connect Your Shapewear to a Bra? 

One of the most workable methods of keeping high-waisted shaping shorts and control briefs in place is to attach them to your bra. If you have to keep pulling your shapewear up or down to keep it in place, you might not wear it in the first place. Why wear it if the shapewear leaves you with unintended bumps instead of smoothing you down and refining your silhouette? You’ve got to understand the causes of common roll downs and, among many other things, the right way to attach shapewear to a bra. Wearing shapewear the right way doesn’t have to be a painful process.

How Can I Prevent Roll Downs? 

1. Wrong Size Shapewear 

Choosing the right size of shapewear is the first secret to preventing rolling and slipping. It’s also imperative to find the most suitable shapewear type for your body shape. To know your size, measure your hips and waist in inches using a measuring tape for increased accuracy.

A common myth that needs busting is that smaller shapewear gives you double shaping power. No, it doesn’t! You’ll hate shapewear if you do that. The secret lies in finding the right shapewear size that offers firmer compression. Finding a great fit is dependent on your ability to measure your shapewear properly, and it will help avoid most problems. (1)

2. Go for High-waisted Shapewear

The majority of high-waisted shapewear comes with waistband lining. The lining is designed to keep the shapewear in place at the waist area. The silicon grip in the shapewear sticks the piece to your skin – although not literally. You needn’t worry about red marks or rash.

3. Ever Considered Strapped Shapewear?

Marta Productions showing a shapewear
Video | Marta Productions

Try strapped shapewear if you’ve always dealt with shapewear roll downs and can’t seem to get rid of them. The straps – particularly non-slip shoulder straps – stop shapewear from rolling down. Choose a high compression shoulder strapped bodysuit and rock that bodycon dress stress-free!

4. Where Does the Bra Come in?

You may use your bra to keep your body shaper in place. Notice that your bra (as long as you have the right size) is sitting pretty securely around your ribs from your shoulders. So, you can utilize your strapless bra band to build a seamless connection to your waist.

Here are three tips on how to connect shapewear to a bra:

  1. Tucking in entails using your strapless bra as a layering tool over high-waisted control briefs. It’s simple. Get hold of the top line of your tummy control shapewear and tuck it inside the bra band for added security against rolling down.
  2. Hooking entails attaching the top of your high-waisted shapewear to your bra in at least three places. This approach mostly works if you have hooked-up shapewear. However, in the absence of hooked-up shapewear, you can improvise if in a hurry.

ClearPoint Medical showing how to hook up bra into the shapewear
Video | ClearPoint Medical

Use safety pins. Later on, you may buy purpose-manufactured straps that operate like mini braces. Purpose manufactured straps usually fold over the bra’s band and then attach to the top of your tummy control shapewear.

ClearPoint Medical showing the finish hooked-up bra to the shapewear
Video | ClearPoint Medical

Taping. Some traditions never grow old, and they are still as useful as they were back in the day. Dressing tape is one of the old tricks that women still use to connect shapewear to their bras. There are two ways of gaining additional stability with dressing tape;

  • Tape it to your body underneath your bra.
  • Place the top between the underside of the bra and the top band of your shapewear.

Wrapping Up

Even as you fight against roll downs, don’t forget that comfort is among the ultimate goals for a body shaper. Remember, this is something that you might have to wear the whole day–especially during office days. So, apart from getting the right size shapewear, shoulder strapped or high-waisted briefs, thongs, or shorts, you should aim at getting comfortable compression. When using your bra to beat roll downs, get a comfortable bra and the right size and type.

While at it, ensure to get the above body shaper-bra connection hacks for roll-down-free days. Body shapers are amazing pieces designed to give you a confident and sexier look. (2)

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