How to Keep Spanx from Rolling Down (Guide)

If you have ever made use of high-waisted shapewear, you’d agree what a wonderful product Spanx is. It’s an amazing body shaper that sorts out all kinds of lumps, gives you a perfect fit, and builds outstanding confidence for you to flaunt your favorite dresses.

However, it can be a real mess when it rolls down on you. This creates an irregular silhouette shape, and can negatively affect your look.

To avoid your Spanx from rolling down follow these tips.

Make sure to purchase the right size. A little above or below your scale on the proportion charts will cause a roll down. Make sure to buy high-quality fabric products since low-quality products will wear off too soon and cause a roll down. Do not overwash your Spanx and do not wear Spanx that is too old.

So what can be done to avoid these mistakes and how can you keep your smooth shape? This article will discuss a few simple tips and tricks that will tackle roll downs for life. Here they are:

Always Put On the Right Size

It might be quite the battle when it comes to finding yourself the right size of shapewear, but it really is important that you do.

If you’re not aware or sure of your size, measure your waist in inches using a tailor’s measuring tape and be honest with yourself on the size chart.

woman sizing her waist with a tape measure
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Do this regularly in case of changes in your weight over time. Whether it’s a body shaping short, Spanx faux, or panties, scaling down the size chart means tighter shapewear and guarantees a roll down.

girdle size chart
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Body shapers above your size scale wont fit nicely if the size is off. This will cause them to fold around the sides, and the bottom, and roll down on the top.

Take Your Time and Put It the Right Way

Never be in a hurry to put on your Spanx to ensure an immaculate fit. Before putting on your shapewear, make sure your body is dry and torrid. Damp skin stretches the fabric out a little and causes a major roll down when it gets dry later on.

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When you’re all dried up, you’d want to roll up the legs, wiggle into your high-waisted brief, and do a little dance to ensure your bottom sits in just right.

Be Gentle with your Shapewear

Spanx products are basically made with elastane and lycra. These are stretchy fabrics and they really do slack over time when not properly taken care of. Handle your Spanx with a lot of caution. Don’t over-stretch them when you have them on, never machine wash them, don’t expose them to much direct heat, and never dry them using radiated heat—this can cause them to shrink. When the stretchy fabric gets slacked, it’s guaranteed to roll down on you.

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Use Hold-up Clips and Tucking

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, ‘what are hold-up clips ?’. Well, hold-up clips or hold-ups, are little suspender clips that attach your shapewear to your bra. They are super reliable and keep your high-waisted briefs in place.

woman tucking shapewear under a bra
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If you use a bodysuit, a little tucking under your bra can go a long way too. It’s best you put on your bodysuit before you put your bra on and if your high-waisted briefs are long enough—they rarely are, you can tuck the top part under your bra.

Silicone Strips also Come in Handy

Silicone strips are a great fix for panties and body-shaping shorts. By embodying them to the waistband and legs of your shapewear, silicone strips give the fabric a more firm hold onto your skin.

Purchasing the Right Shapewear is really Important

Most cheaper shapewear is made from lower-grade fabrics that don’t last long. They wear out fast, loosen threads, and will begin to roll down on you after a couple of months. That is why it’s always in your best interest to go for the quality. I recommend you go for products like Spanx’s Socialight Cami, Spanx’s OnCore Mid-Thigh bodysuit, and the Spanx Thinstincts Tank. (1)

Choose Spanx with Straps

Bodysuits are always an excellent choice when deciding the shapewear you want to go with. They come with little straps that prevent them from rolling down on the top and can be nicely tucked under your bra. Spanx’s ‘Tanks and Camis’ are good choices too. They are a lot like bodysuits and are a lot more convenient to put on.

Regularly Replace your Shapewear

One other reason for a roll down is because of old or overwashed shapewear. Once the fabric wears out, it is sure to roll down on you. Shop for new and good-quality shapewear frequently. I recommend shopping for shapewear with straps like the Spanx bodysuit. If you don’t have the time to get some new briefs, then try some quick fixes.

Fashion tape is one great tool that gives your Spanx a firm, tight grip.

Tucking under the bra is a also marvelous choice.

Safety pins come in handy too. Using safety pins to attach the top of your shapewear to your bra is a great fix.

Hairspray it Into Place

This last fix might sound a little on the odd side, but I assure you it’s just as effective as the rest. According to Kristine from Best Shapewear, applying some hairspray on your midriff before putting on your shapewear will make your skin slightly tacky. The tackiness of the hairspray will stick to your high briefs, helping them stay in place. (2)

Wrapping Up

Spanx really is a remarkable product, but having it roll down on you can be really messy, annoying, and most embarrassing. It ruins your appearance, scars your confidence, and puts you in a place of discomfort. By applying these simple tips and tricks, however, you’re sure to conquer and prevent any roll down, present yourself a lot more confidently, be as comfortable as you can ever be in any dress, and don’t ever have to worry about that beautiful date, or that important meeting being ruined ever again.

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