How to Keep Spanx From Rolling Up or Down (Tips)

When we talk about shapewear issues, the most common problems are high-waisted Spanx sliding down or Spanx shaping shorts rolling up thighs. It’s unpleasant and forces you to keep fixing it, negating the confidence boost Spanx is supposed to provide. Well, it happens with all shapewear, and you should not worry because there are many things you can do to make life easier on yourself.

In general, you can keep your Spanx from rolling up your thighs or down your stomach by following these tips: 

  • Choose the right size
  • Choose Spanx with higher compression/ silicone waistband/ straps
  • Handle your Spanx with care 
  • Don’t rush and put your Spanx on properly
  • Apply quick fixes (tuck it under your bra or use hold-up clips/ fashion tape) 

This article will guide you through my solutions to the problem of Spanx rolling up or down and cover why it occurs.

7 Tips to Stop Spanx from Rolling Up or Down

So, how do you keep Spanx from rolling up or down? For you to spare yourself from Spanx roll-down or roll-up, follow these helpful tips:

Tip 1: Choose the Right Size

Selecting the appropriate shapewear size and understanding which style will work for you is the first step in your battle against rolling and slipping shapewear. Measure your hips and waist in inches, either in a lingerie shop or at home using a tailor’s tape. If you have no soft tape measure, use a piece of thread instead to measure against a stiff tape measure or long ruler. Then after finding your size, use this Spanx size chart to find your precise size in Spanx shapewear:

Spanx sizes chart

Additionally, if your accurate size according to the Spanx size chart is large, don’t purchase a smaller size thinking that you would get twice as much shaping power. Sizing down will result in the shapewear sliding down or up, creating ugly bulges.

Tip 2: Look for Higher Compression

higher compression bodysuit spanx

The more support, the easier it will be for your shapewear to stay up. You should look for Spanx with higher compression if most of your shapewear tends to bunch up while seated. Regardless of your actions, it will have more shaping power and remain in place. Firmer compression Spanx shapewear will support your tummy and legs despite your up-and-down movements. For example, if you have a lower belly pooch, wearing a Spanx tummy control bodysuit will give you an hourglass figure because it has high compression.

Tip 3: Select Spanx with Silicone Waistband

It is crucial for both the shapewear garments’ waistbands and legs. Your Spanx garment will adhere to your skin much more firmly than with a regular hem if it has a silicone strip in the waistband or hem. For instance, if you’re searching for Spanx high-waisted shapewear that won’t roll down, be sure it includes a silicone waistband that keeps it in place no matter what you’re doing. Since they make your shapewear practically stick to you, these silicone strips are like super glue for your skin.

high-waisted short spanx

Note: You shouldn’t be concerned because it won’t cause a rash or red markings, but it does seal your skin. These silicone grip tummy tucks, like the Spanx high-waisted shapewear, will enable you to achieve the figure that most dream of.

Tip 4: Choose a Strapped Shapewear

spanx camisole

Wearing shapewear with straps is necessary if you frequently find that it rolls down on you no matter what you wear. Strapped shapewear would eliminate the annoying issue of rolling down your waist regardless of your body shape, type, or size. In this excellent Spanx tummy control shapewear, you won’t experience roll-down and will be kept in place by the straps. Also, the straps may be adjusted and detached. That way, you can swiftly put Spanx roll-down to an end, so you no longer need to worry about it. Additionally, your bodycon dress will look great if you choose a strapped Spanx shapewear with high compression.

Note: For some strapped body shapers, you might have to settle for specific clothing items like strapless bras instead of strapped bras.

Tip 5: Handle Your Spanx with Care 

Treat your brand-new, lovely pair of Spanx nicely. It’ll perform significantly better and last a lot longer. To avoid overstretching the cloth, don’t pull them up your body. Also, never tumble dry them, regardless of what the label says. Dry them away from direct heat and avoid drying them on a radiator that is scorching hot. It will destroy your Spanx’s stretchiness, resulting in it rolling down or up.

Tip 6: Don’t Rush and Put Your Spanx Properly  

Wearing Spanx properly is the best method to prevent it from rolling down. Keep in mind the following:

  • Before putting your Spanx on, ensure your damp skin has thoroughly dried. Your shapewear will absorb moisture if it is worn on wet skin and begin to slide when the skin dries. So, after coming out of the shower, avoid attempting to put on your shapewear immediately. (1)
  • Shapewear can instantly improve your silhouette, but it doesn’t imply you should put it on immediately. Due to the tight fit of shapewear, you frequently need to roll it up and put it on like a pair of long socks or tights. So, sit down and slowly roll the Spanx up your body, making sure it fits you perfectly. Always check that your shapewear is appropriately positioned for any cups or lines to appear precisely where they should be. 

correctly position spanx in the body

  • Once your Spanx is correctly positioned on your body, perform the shapewear shuffle by wiggling and moving around. It will help your Spanx to stay still and avoid roll-down.

Tip 7: Apply Quick Fixes

You could prevent your shapewear from slipping down with these simple adjustments:

Tuck the Spanx Under your Bra

spanx under the bra

You can use your other undergarments to serve as a roll-prevention strategy. For example, you can tuck its top portion under your bra. To do this, put on your Spanx before putting on your bra. Then, tuck the waistband’s top under your bra.

This can assist in preventing your Spanx from sliding down by providing a small amount of anchoring and giving you a much nicer line beneath your clothing.

Note: This is only applicable if your Spanx waistband is high.

Hold-up Clips

hooking spanx to the bra

Hold-ups, tiny straps, or clips, are ideal for securing your shapewear to the bra strap when your foundation garment has no mechanism to prevent it from sliding down your body. These clever solutions will guarantee that your shapewear remains in place. It is useful for Spanx shapewear with low waistbands such as control briefs, shaping slips, and shaping shorts.

Attach its hooks to the shapewear’s top seam, then loop the straps around the sides of your bra.

Fashion Tape

fashion tape the spanx

You can also use fashion tape to secure your own Spanx high waist shapewear to your body, preventing roll-down. If tucking into a bralette is insufficient, you can dress the shaper by applying dressing or fashion tape to the top inside seam and folding the tapes to adhere to your skin.

5 Causes of Spanx Roll-Down or Roll-Up

Spanx can roll up or down for a variety of reasons, including:

It’s Too Small

It is common to believe that when choosing shapewear, a smaller size is preferable because it will make you appear much smaller. However, the smooth and shapely form you want is unlikely to be achieved by wearing shapewear that’s too small. Additionally, it might roll down due to the elastane and lycra being overstretched.

Another undesirable consequence is the appearance of visible panty lines (VPL) through your thighs or bottom. Therefore, it is always preferable to wear shapewear in your correct size.

Too Big 

If your Spanx shapewear is too loose across your ribcage or tummy, it is conceivable that it will roll down. A larger body shaper will constantly roll down since it will not hold on to your curves and rib cage well, whether high-waisted or low-waisted. Spanx is made to fit snugly. They are made of a sturdy, long-lasting material that will hold the wearer in all the appropriate places. So, Spanx needs to fit around your ribs in addition to your stomach, butt, and thighs to fit you properly and provide the smoothed-out, shapely effect you desire.


The materials that give Spanx shapewear its stretch and strength are elastane and lycra. Now, the elastic material won’t function as it did when it was new if you wash and overheat it too much. Then, when you wear it, you might notice that the elastic is stretched too much and starts to roll. Also, please refrain from drying your Spanx in the tumble dryer. Your Spanx will begin to roll down as a result of this.

Moreover, you may machine wash your Spanx shapewear. But make sure it’s light and infrequent. If not, I firmly advise you to hand wash your Spanx to preserve the fabric’s quality and prevent rolling.

Old and Over-Worn

There is no assurance that anything will last forever, not even high-quality products like Spanx. Over a lengthy period of use, form-fitting fabrics like elastic and lycra may become deformed due to stretching out of shape. If you’ve had your Spanx for a long time, you might have noticed that the material gets considerably more stretchy and less firm. You might even observe that it rolls down as a result of this.

Disproportionate Rib Cage 

It is not meant to be body-shaming, but the truth is that your rib cage may be smaller or larger for your body size, similar to the shoulders. Your shape wear’s size won’t feel comfortable if your rib cage is larger. On the other hand, it will tend to slide down if your rib cage is smaller. (2)

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