How Do You Go to the Bathroom in Spanx? (Tips and Guide)

If you wear Spanx for a long time, it’s probably a given that you’ll need to use the bathroom at least once during the day. Almost everyone has asked, how do you go to the bathroom in Spanx? Well, that’s simple, and you shouldn’t worry because Spanx has come up with many solutions for this problem through secondary products or techniques over the years.

In general, if you’re wearing Spanx with an open gusset, you can pee with it using two toilet paper sheets or peeLUX. On the other hand, if your Spanx has no open gusset, you can pee with it by carefully pulling down your Spanx. 

Going to the bathroom wearing compression garments could seem like a challenge. So, read on to learn how to use the bathroom in Spanx.

Peeing in Spanx with Open Gusset

Several Spanx products, such as the Spanx Higher Power Short, have Easy Access Gussets wherein they have a crotch opening making them suitable for use in bathrooms. Simply pull the gusset apart and use its pee hole.

Using Toilet Paper

This simple hack requires two toilet paper sheets. Then, follow these steps:

Step 1: Tuck one piece of tissue into the gusset’s side, leaving most of the toilet paper hanging out along the thigh. (1)

tucking of tissue on spanx
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Step 2: Repeat the process on the other side to create a protective barrier.

putting another tissue on the other side
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Step 3: Hold the toilet paper with your hands and open the gusset. Spread it out widely while being mindful not to damage the seams. Then you’re good to go!

Using PeeLUX

using PeeLUX

Through peeLUX, your peeing becomes worry-free, no bother, no need to undress, and no mishaps.

To use it, follow these steps:

Step 1: With the handle facing front and the letters up, place the peeLUX into the gusset or pee hole of your Spanx, such as the Spanx higher power short.

Step 2: Ensure that your Spanx is not touching your body and resting above the peeLUX ridge.

Step 3: While urinating, apply pressure on the peeLUX using the handle.

carrying PeeLUX

Step 4: Wipe it after using. Once removed, keep the peeLUX in storage for later use.

Peeing in Spanx without an Open Gusset

If you go to the bathroom wearing shapewear or compression garments that don’t have a crotch opening, the most straightforward approach to pee with it is to pull them down. That is unquestionably the most dependable way to urinate without getting it on yourself or your Spanx, even though it requires some extra time and effort.

With that, here are the steps:

spanx without open gusset

Step 1: Ensure your outer layer of clothing is out of the way. Pull it down if you’re wearing trousers so they are around your ankles. If you’re wearing a dress or skirt, pull it up so you can access your Spanx.

Step 2: If your Spanx is short, pull it down and ensure they don’t roll because doing so will make it harder to put it back on later. The ideal removal method is to slide both hands through the waistband, rest them flat against your body, and gently draw both hands away to broaden the Spanx and help it slide off.

Step 3: Peeing should be simple after your Spanx is off. After you’ve urinated, make sure you’ve thoroughly dried yourself so you don’t get the material wet.

peeing with a spanx

Step 4: In the same manner as you put your Spanx on, pull it up again. Now, do not rush and take your time. If you try to put it back on quickly, you might bunch it up and be uncomfortable for the remainder of the evening. So, make sure your legs, bum, and stomach are all snugly fastened in place, then ease them back up. Also, make sure the waistline is comfortable.

7 Tips and Tricks when Using the Bathroom in Spanx

The following advice can help you use the restroom while wearing shapewear:

  1. To prevent any potential mishaps, remove your shoes before you sit down.
  2. Put your legs on the toilet seat and position yourself in front of it. While you use the restroom.
  3. Try using baby wipes rather than toilet paper if you have sensitive skin. Compared to dry toilet tissue, they won’t irritate your delicate areas and will be softer.
  4. Make sure the crotch of your shapewear is made of cotton to avoid chafing or irritation while using the restroom. Ensure that you remove any garters before visiting the bathroom as well.
  5. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to rashes, wash your shapewear after every use to prevent infections.
  6. Before visiting the restroom, ensure your shapewear is not too tight around your thighs, especially if you’re wearing a thong.
  7. Look for a quiet area away from distractions. The stalls in public restrooms might not be large enough for layers of tights and skirts, so try to find one with more room if you can. (2)

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