Can You Wear Spanx Under a Swimsuit?

For many women, thinking about going to the beach can lead to anxiety and a sense of fear. Gaining the confidence to wear a swimsuit is hard to achieve. That is why in a survey by Popsugar Fitness, only two percent of women confidently agree that they can pull off an entire swimsuit /beach attire. Wearing Spanx under a swimsuit gives confidence to the majority of women who are not comfortable in swimsuits alone.

The million-dollar question is; can you really wear Spanx under a swimsuit?

In general, Spanx is suitable to wear underneath a swimsuit. That is because of its capability to constrict your body type in a bathing suit’ and contain protruding or bulging areas. However, if possible, wearing a swimsuit alone is encouraged.

Read on to learn more about why you should or should not wear Spanx under a swimsuit.

Wearing Spanx Under a Swimsuit

Great swimwear is hard to get, although you frequently have to make trade-offs when it comes to beach essentials. Unexpectedly, manufacturers have produced fashionable Spanx swimsuits that are well constructed, highly flattering, and comfortable — a genuine triple threat. It makes sense why they are in such high demand.

You can guarantee that Spanx swimsuits are just as incredible because they are most recognized for their shapewear, fitness, and beachwear that always looks incredibly attractive.

Why Not Wear Spanx Under Bathing Suits?

woman in white one piece swimsuit holding surfboard

Certain types of materials are used to manufacture swim attire so they can withstand the harsh chemicals used in swimming pools, such as bleach. They also dry off more quickly and soak less or absorb water.

Here are a bunch of factors why you shouldn’t swim in your swimwear with Spanx underneath; below are some of them:

  • When swimming for a long time, your chest will begin to feel pain. If you wear a bra with thick straps, they may start digging into your shoulders or back. Your skin may develop sores and rashes; as a result, making it extremely uncomfortable.
  • Synthetic fabrics can create allergic reactions in wearers: If you wear underwear made from synthetic materials like nylon or Lycra, your skin may become allergic to them due to sweating.
  • Shapewear stretches out of scale and loses shape when it absorbs water due to a chemical reaction. When you get out of the water, wearing a waist trainer, for instance, will cause an odd bulge in your waistline.
  • Wearing any control tights while swimming causes the same problem because they are constructed from nylon or spandex, both of which lose their form when soaked.
  • An additional reason why you shouldn’t wear shapewear beneath bathing suits is that bacteria might grow inside of them if damp or humid conditions persist for an extended period of time.

However, if you really want to better your bathing suit body type while swimming, other alternatives exist.

Alternative Options From Shapewear

There is nothing wrong with wearing shapewear swimsuits to make yourself feel a little more lifted and flatten out your tummy, butt, or any other area of your body. Shapewear will draw in the fat deposits you aim to conceal, giving you a fabulous curvy figure and flawless skin. Hence, there are other shapewear swimsuits alternatives you may use to control body shape while in your bathing suit:

1. High-Waisted Bottoms

black high-waisted bottoms

Any type of panties you can imagine, even shorts, have a high-waisted shapewear copy. There are various highs to high-waists as well; some merely reach the belly button while others reach the rib cage.

High-waisted bottoms are useful pieces of shapewear that offer a small amount of compression and keep your muscles intact. This is ideal for wearing underneath your favorite swimwear because they support your midsection and maintains your desired body shape.

2. Body Suits

They offer assistance and a flawless tuck-in so you may dress comfortably and efficiently. Bodysuits can be skintight or loose, and because of the tension they create from the shoulders to the crotch, they can fit your curves and serve as the ideal base for any swimsuit you choose.

Bear in mind that while some bodysuits are made of swimsuit fabrics, bodysuits and swimsuits are not the same. To prevent color fading, the material must be elastic and chlorine resistant, so check the label to see if it’s appropriate for swimming. 

3: Tummy Tucker Panties

tummy tucker panties

Tummy tucker panties hold extra skin and fat from the abdomen to give the waistline a slenderer appearance. They also tighten the muscles of the vertical abdominal wall, giving the abdomen a smoother, more toned appearance.

Tummy tucker panties also support your back, providing compression by suppleness. Additionally, they aid in reducing discomfort in the lumbar and lower back regions. (1)

Why You Should Wear Spanx

Spanx is a necessary component of every woman’s wardrobe. They are designed to smooth out any lumps so that your clothing fits perfectly and has a polished finish. Spanx is also handy shapewear to look good and confident in your swimsuit at the beach.

Spanx has three compression levels, and you may use them accordingly based on your demands:

  1. The first level is smoothing; these are the base-layer, essential components that serve as a second skin to hide any flaws.
  2. The second is shaping; these items provide more compression and firmer support than typical shapewear.
  3. Lastly, sculpting and at this level of maximal compression, lifting, and ideal slimming are provided for a complete transformation. (2)

Nevertheless, the entire purpose of this shapewear is to provide a smooth line beneath your clothing. 

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