Can You Cut Spanx Without Ruining Them?

The Spanx brand has grown in popularity over the years due to its excellent quality and fit. However, women constantly experience changes in size and shape as well as weight gain and loss. So, when your shapewear no longer fits, a fair question is, can you adjust your Spanx yourself, and can you cut your Spanx without ruining them?

In general, it is possible to cut your shapewear garment without ruining it. However, if you lack the skills, knowledge, and proper equipment, you’ll risk seriously damaging it and making it unusable. 

In this article, ill teach you what you need to know about cutting and adapting your Spanx.

Cutting Spanx on Your Own 

Some people decide to make changes to their Spanx themselves to save money on expert alterations usually the most common reason for this is to add a pee area in the crotch for your Spanx. However, I do not advise this for several reasons, unless you are an expert sewer with knowledge of sewing apparel you can easily ruin your Spanx. Although cutting clothing is difficult, doing so with shapewear is far more complex due to the stretchy specific fabric that Spanx uses.

Moreover, you risk seriously damaging your Spanx (body shaper) if you don’t have the necessary skills and experience. Hence, there’s a great chance it would be a waste. Additionally, if you don’t already have the tools and equipment required to make the changes, that would be an additional investment. It may be about the same price as buying shapewear or changing it professionally. (1)

Professional Spanx Alterations

celebrity wearing Spanx leaving an establishment

If you ask me or other seasoned, knowledgeable tailor, they will inform you that it is possible to cut or alter your shapewear garment without ruining it. However, you need to consider these things:

  1. Price – Modifying your shapewear would be comparable to buying a completely new item. You’re looking at a potential difference of around $15 to $20. So, considering the close proximity of the price, the time required, and the number of trips you will need to make to the store, having your shapewear altered professionally may not be worthwhile in the long run.
  2. Uncertainty – There is no assurance that your Spanx brand or body shapers that have been altered will still have the same effect as they had before. Usually, there will be a slight variation in how the garment fits and takes shape. It’s impossible to avoid this.

Beyonce in green emerald gown underneath that is a Spanx

One example of a professional Spanx alteration is during Rihanna’s Diamond Ball, where Beyonce and her stylist made a Spanx hack that brought brilliance and caught the attention of many people. On her right leg, she’s wearing a Spanx brand with a black lace surrounding its bottom. However, it is entirely bare leg on the left. In essence, Beyonce cut off a portion of her left side, most likely in the hip area, to make it look like a bikini or leotard to match it to her outfit. (2)


How can I determine my Spanx size?

When buying shapewear, your best size option is to stick with the clothes sizes you often wear rather than going smaller, which is likely to cause discomfort. Finding your ideal fit is closely tied to measurements (waist, hip, bust, etc.), so consider these before making a decision. Additionally, considering your height when purchasing leggings and tights would be best. You can readily determine your ideal size by comparing your precise measurements to a chart on the Spanx website.

My Spanx keeps rolling down. Why?

When wearing shapewear, it may roll down or up. It might be too small and hence too tight on your body. The overflow where the shapewear meets the skin may also give off a lumpy appearance. Also, selecting an excessively lengthy piece may result in poor grip and causes roll-down.

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