Can Spanx Help you Fit Into a Dress?

Spanx’s priority is to see that women of all body types, sizes, and shapes feel comfortable and confident in any dress they wear. It’s among the best shapewear brands for women but when you’re getting ready for a dress that just doesn’t fit anymore a lot of women doubt whether it will help them fit. We’ll go through this issue below in detail.

Spanx helps you fit into a dress perfectly. Aside from lifting your butt and sagging skin, it also enhances your curves. It’s very comfortable to use in any dress, except that you will have to use the right Spanx shapewear for a particular dress. Also, you should avoid wearing underwear under Spanx as it serves as both underwear and shapewear.

How to Wear Spanx Under Your Dress?

Spanx might be taking over the underwear industry considering that they give the body what is expected – a more slimmed shape. Almost everyone from Victoria’s secret to the Kim Kardashians is part of the trend. By wearing Spanx under your dress, you’ll be able to flaunt a more curvy shape, notwithstanding whether your tummy is saggy.

More so, it’s available in different specs, designs, and sizes for all body types. Aside from bodysuits, Spanx also has varied products like waist-cinchers and bras. So, if you want to wear Spanx under a dress, here are the steps you need to take. (1)

Grab and Wear your Spanx Carefully

Considering that Spanx is to be fitted, you may find wearing it a bit difficult. Therefore, to make this process easy, give yourself ample time to put your legs in your Spanx and fit them on your body correctly. If you attempt to rush while working Spanx up your body, you may start sweating.

Most importantly, you must ensure that your skin is not moist before wearing your Spanx. It must dry completely to prevent the body shaper from getting stuck on your skin. If you’re in a hurry and can’t wait for your skin to dry. You can rub a bit of baby powder to help your Spanx slip up your body more easily.

Additionally, Spanx is designed to be worn as both underwear and shapewear, so you don’t need to wear extra underwear. Wearing underwear under your Spanx will make your outfit look bulky with different lines and seams.

Pull your Spanx Shorts Up

Gently pull your Spanx shorts up to your bra line for a perfect lineup. If your Spanx is high-waist, pull it as high as possible. Pulling the Spanx will help make your torso smooth and help hold the Spanx from rolling down or folding up into the middle.

For high-waist Spanx, you can tuck the top up under your bra to keep them firmly in place. Alternatively, you can get straps that will hold the top of the Spanx to the bra end, firmly securing your Spanx in place.

Pull your Spanx High

Pull your Spanx very high, back and forth, to get them to sit perfectly in the right position. To ensure your Spanx follows your body curves and lifts your butt, grab the Spanx from the back and keep pulling it to the top. Then, leave it and wiggle your back continuously.

Wiggling your body will cause the Spanx to slide down gently and settle in the perfect position, enhancing your curves,  lifting your butt, and fighting bulges.

Use a Dryer Sheet

After wearing your Spanx, get a dryer sheet and rub it all over the Spanx to help get rid of any static electricity. Also, it’ll help prevent your dress from sticking to the Spanx. In addition, if your dress is a bit clingy, rub the dryer sheet on the inner part of the dress to remove the static electricity. After that, wear your dress and slay effortlessly!

How to Decide the Best Spanx to Wear Under Your Dress?

Sometimes, it may be quite difficult to choose the best Spanx to wear under a dress. At times, it could be because of excess skin, weight loss, and more. Below are the essential tips on how to choose the best Spanx for wearing under a dress.

  • If you’ll be wearing a short skirt or dress, you may want to settle for knickers instead so you don’t reveal your Spanx in public.

woman in pink dress showing figure with and without spanx

  • Always buy Spanx according to your body shape and size (current), so it doesn’t fold up under your dress, making you sweaty and uncomfortable.

woman in red dress without and with spanx

  • If your dress is strapless, choose a Spanx design that won’t cover your bra line.

woman in blue jumpsuit wearing spanx

  • Always place your butt in your Spanx whenever you’re wearing it under a dress, to help ensure that you can pull it across your butt.
  • If you have a small rib cage but want to hide your big hips, a high-waist Spanx may not be a great option. More perfect options could be bodysuits with open busted slips or high-waist Spanx that have additional straps.

What are the 3 Best Spanx to Wear With a Dress?

Spanx has a variety of shapewear products. Considering that you may have different types of dresses, you’ll need to have certain Spanx to look more beautiful in those dresses. Here are the 3 best Spanx to wear with a dress.

Firm Control Slip

This Spanx product is perfect for bodycon dresses. It’ll make you look more sexy and sleek in any dress. This product is made up of an adjustable strap and rear-lifting panels that guarantee a perfect fit and cover you up completely.

High-Waist Mid-Thigh Shorts

For women who need a Spanx that’ll give a flatter tummy rather than cover their thighs, this product is a great option. It has a high brief that provides firm control around your tummy area and midriff.

Also, it has a silicone wristband that’ll help hold your shapewear in place. For an all-around hourglass figure in a dinner dress, this Spanx product has got you covered.

High Power Shorts

This Spanx underwear helps you get that celebrity look by defining your legs and giving leaner thighs when you wear it with a dress. It also takes care of your sagging tummy and butt. Its high-rise design and no-slip waistband help to ensure the shapewear stays in place all day. These shorts are lightweight and very comfortable. So, you’ve got no worries!

How to Wear Spanx Under a Bridal Dress?

It’s quite unfortunate that sometimes bridal underwear fails to make your wedding gown fit, ruining your dream wedding gown. Fortunately, Spanx comes in handy in this kind of situation. Spanx has a variety of bridal bodysuits that’ll make you feel confident and gorgeous in your wedding dress.

Most of all, this shapewear comes in different colors (from neutral colors to flesh-tone), sizes (ranging from X3 to 3XL), and designs. There are high-waist half slips, strapless bras, and more. It doesn’t matter whether you’re too lean or overweight to fit perfectly into your wedding dress.

Wearing a Spanx shapewear will help add and smoothen the curves and reduce the bulges where necessary to give your body a perfect shape in the dress. It doesn’t matter whether your wedding gown is short or long.

Therefore, what you should also get while planning for your big day is a Spanx shapewear (bridal). You can settle for a high-waist mid-thigh Spanx that comes with a bonded tummy, butt pockets, and side panels. Also, there are adjustable and convertible straps that help ensure the bra straps aren’t visible.

Lastly, you’ll be doing yourself a lot of good by wearing your Spanx shapewear and under your wedding dress before the big day. This preparation will help you know how you’ll look on that day.

Wrapping Up

If you don’t want to pass through the hassle of dieting and exercising, wearing Spanx under your dress is the easiest way to look gorgeous in your outfits. That way, you won’t have to feel less confident because of any excess inches. With Spanx, you can look stunning indoors and outdoors, all day long. (2)

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