How to Wash Honeylove Shapewear

Do you follow celebrities on television and in magazines and wish you had a similar body? One of the things you’ve probably not realized is that most of these women you admire love shapewear, and they wear it every day.

Among the most known brands is the Honeylove shapewear, and perhaps you’ve got a couple of pieces sitting in your closet.

Do you know how to wash your Honeylove shapewear if not well go through the basics below?

It is always better to hand wash your shapewear due to its delicate nature. While you can wash them in the washing machine, you should observe extra caution.

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Importance of Washing Honeylove Shapewear Correctly

Checking and following the wash and care instructions of your shapewear helps maintain the quality of your garments. Shapewear is like any other undergarment such as bras. Avoid wearing shapewear for two consecutive days to avoid ruining its elasticity. If you plan to use Honeylove shapewear often, buy a couple of sets.

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How to Wash Honeylove Shapewear – Effective Tips 

These tips will help you care for your Honeylove shapewear as you should. Proper care of your shapewear guarantees its long life.

1. Never Wear it without Washing 

Some people tend to wear shapewear immediately upon purchase. Don’t make a similar mistake.

2. Hand Washing is the Most Suitable Method for Honeylove Shapewear

Some shapewear garments will have a tag showing that they can be machine washed. It is always better to hand wash it due to its delicate nature. While you can wash them in the washing machine, you should observe extra caution. (1)

The washing machine could ruin any latex shapewear, including waist trainers. Latex is prone to damage, hence requiring extra care when washing it.

3. Never Use Hot Water

Use a sink or bucket of warm water mixed with a mild shampoo. A baby shampoo comes in handy, particularly when washing latex shapewear. Avoid hot water. Give your Honeylove shapewear an excellent rinse to completely remove the shampoo. Avoid excessive twisting and turning of the undergarment when washing it to prevent possible damage. Lie it flat or hang to dry.

4. Can I Use a Washing Machine? 

You may hate the idea of hand washing your Honeylove shapewear and are wondering if you can use machine washing. The good news; is yes! However, it is only recommended if your washing machine has a gentle or hand wash cycle. Experts usually favor machine washing using these cycles if the shapewear doesn’t have latex.

While giving your Honeylove sculptwear a machine wash, use cold water and mild soap. Also, use a lingerie bag or any mesh laundry bag while washing to protect the undergarments. Clasp the garments together to avoid possible snagging while washing.

5. Air Dry your Shapewear 

After washing your Honeylove shapewear, lie it flat or hang it on the line using clothespins to air dry it. Avoid the dryer as the heat could damage the fabric. When using the dryer, use the cool setting and the delicate cycle. Only use a dryer when you are in a rush and must wear your undergarment. (2)

Wrapping Up

Honeylove offers an array of shapewear ranging from its popular tops such as liftwear tanks, superpower thongs that keep off ugly panty lines, and briefs and shorts.

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