Styling Spanx Faux Leather Leggings (10+ Ideas You Can Try)

Spanx faux leather leggings are one of the most stylish and adaptable items in the entire wardrobe. These leggings can make an exciting addition to a plain outfit. These are very attractive and let you put together a range of looks that you may wear with leggings from fall into winter.

In general, you can do many outfit ideas with your Spanx faux leather leggings. Some of those combinations are: 

  • Oversized denim shirt and a pair of boots
  • Blazer and high heels or sneakers 
  • White tank top and heels or shoes
  • Comfy sweater and boots or sneakers 
  • Button-down blouse or puff sleeve blouse and boots or heels

In this article, you will learn about the different combinations and ways of styling Spanx faux leather leggings based on various events and places.

16 Spanx Faux Leather Leggings Outfit Ideas

Now, we have tons of outfit suggestions using many of the same inexpensive items here. We’ve rounded up 16 casual looks to give you some outfit inspiration if you’re unsure what sweaters, shoes, or shirts to pair with faux leather leggings. You can do this by reusing clothing from your closet to create these casual looks.

1. All Black Style

all black style

Keep your outfit classy with monochromatic black attire. Give your look a grunge feel by pairing your faux leather leggings with black combat boots, a cropped hoodie, a fedora hat, and round sunglasses.

2. Plaid Blazer with a Converse Sneakers

plaid blazer with a converse sneakers

You can consider this style the pinnacle of business casual attire, or is this business casual on the weekends? In either case, stay cool and casual by wearing your faux leather leggings, your favorite tee paired with a blazer, and a pair of cozy Converse sneakers.

3. Bigger Blazer with Gold Accessories

bigger blazer with gold accessories

By teaming these faux leather leggings with a white tank top under an oversized fit blazer and gold accessories, you can use them as the ultimate neutral hue. You can dress it up with high heels or down with your go-to sneakers and pair your overall attire with a neutral bag.

4. Graphic Tee Under an Oversized Denim Shirt

graphic tee under an oversized denim shirt

It’s also an excellent idea to wear your favorite vintage tee with a long and oversized denim shirt. Then, finish your style with your Spanx leggings and buckle boots. Also, your oversized denim shirt can be worn as a tunic to provide enough booty covering when worn with leggings.

5. Denim Jacket and Plaid Shirt

denim jacket and plaid shirt

Your Spanx leggings can be the ideal complement to 90s grunge, which is making a resurgence. Pair a long-checkered or plaid tunic shirt to hide your backside. Then, add your black aviator sunglasses and Converse sneakers. You can wear your denim jacket around your waist or over your outfit.

6. White Tee under a Denim Jacket

white tee under a denim jacket

Is there a more relaxed combination than a denim jacket and a simple white t-shirt paired with your faux leather leggings? Then, put on your sports shoes to add a sporty feel to this ensemble, and don’t forget your go-to black sunglasses.

7. Plaid Tees and Old-school Band Tees

plaid tees and old-school band tees

Want to embrace the 1990s fully? Increase the cool factor by pairing your Spanx leggings with a vintage graphic t-shirt like your favorite band t-shirt and teaming it with a cozy, oversized plaid button-down. You can complete your style by tying the denim jacket around your waist or grabbing it. Then, wear a pair of Converse sneakers.

8. White Tee under a Comfy Cardigan

white tee under a comfy cardigan

These cozy cardigans are one of the most well-liked products. They are incredibly silky and go great with these faux leather leggings. You may add a casual look suitable for an afternoon coffee date by adding a comfy V-neck top and a pair of black athletic sneakers.

9. Moto Jacket paired with Flat Boots

moto jacket paired with flat boots

The Motorcycle style has never been more popular. To create a casual yet cool look for any occasion, team a gray cropped hoodie with all-black clothing, specifically a moto jacket, fedora hat, buckle boots, and your Spanx leggings.

10. Military Utility Jacket and Leopard Shoes

military utility jacket and leopard shoes

This outfit combines a safari expedition and a jacket with military inspiration. You can provide some pattern to your style with your leather leggings paired with these distinctive leopard platform shoes and an enormous, oversized military jacket with a white tank top under it. Then, wear a piece of layered gold jewelry to complete your look.

11. Camel Sweater paired with Black Boots

camel sweater paired with black boots

Yes, black and brown look good together. Wear faux leather leggings at night or even during the daytime with an oversized camel sweater and chic leather boots. Add a killer tan and gold strap bag and an aviator sunglass to finish it off. Then you’re good to go!

12. University Sweatshirt and Dad Sneakers

university sweatshirt and dad sneakers

Okay, we know that not everyone will like the dad shoe fad, but there’s no denying its comfort! You’ll be even more comfortable if you throw on your favorite extra-large college sweatshirt and vintage sunglasses and pair them with your Spanx leggings. This appearance is a good idea for Netflix binges and Saturday afternoons.

13. Oversized Button-Down Blouse and Combat Boots

oversized button-down blouse and combat boots

This leather leggings outfit adheres to two of this year’s design trends: military-inspired and oversized clothing. So, with this style, you can pair your Spanx leggings with a big white button-down blouse, gold hoops, and a pair of combat boots.

14. Puff Feminine Sleeve Blouse and Black Heels

puff feminine sleeve blouse and black heels

Soft accents, like a puff-sleeved blouse or a braided strap heel, can give your faux leather leggings Spanx a delicate edge. Then, add a splash of color by throwing in a pink and gold bag.

15. White Tank Top and Patterned Bandana

white tank top and patterned bandana

Going simple is a good choice. Simple white tank tops paired with your Spanx leggings and accessorized with fashionable pieces are all you need. Use a patterned bandana, tie it in your hair, or wear it around the neck. Your ability to play with the bandana’s colors and patterns as a focal point will be made possible by trendy black heels, which keep the appearance simple.

16. White Tank Top and Leopard Shoes

white tank top and leopard shoes

Put on that plain white tank once more, but this time, add some safari design by wearing a pair of leopard platform shoes. Then, finish your style with your favorite gold jewelry and aviator sunglasses.

How to Decide Which Style Best Fits an Event

First, you should ask yourself, “Where are you going?” Given the enormous range of ways you can wear them, faux leather leggings Spanx are a fantastic complement to your fall and winter ensembles and your spring and summer wardrobes. You can style your Spanx faux leather leggings for:

Casual Weekend

These leggings’ thick and figure-flattering construction is one of its best features. As a result, it is simple to have it as a go-to wardrobe item when you need to get dressed quickly and have ensembles that are simple to wear. If you want to hide your butt, wear your favorite tunic shirt or a thick sweater with faux leather leggings before leaving the house. Then, put on a pair of ankle boots, and you’re prepared to leave your home.

Coffee Shop Dates

When you’re seated at a coffee shop, casual and laid-back are the watchwords! These leggings can be turned into stylish attire while still being wonderfully comfy, whether you’re working remotely or studying for a test. Coffee shops are frequently chilly, so to optimize comfort while maintaining a casual appearance, use a long cardigan sweater or an oversized sweatshirt. Add your preferred pair of white shoes or boots to complete the outfit. (1)

Lunch with Friends

It’s another simple justification for taking your faux leather leggings out of storage. For a fast-looking yet put-together afternoon outfit, pair your Spanx faux leather leggings with a graphic shirt, an oversized denim jacket, sneakers, and combat boots.

Date Night 

Dress your Spanx faux leather leggings up! If you don’t feel ready for full leather pants, pair your best heels with a formal top (delicate lacy shirts or long layers) and these leather leggings. The braided heel style is one that we adore, and it will go great with leggings. If you’re following the season’s trends and sporting a voluminous top, try accessorizing with your favorite statement bag and a pair of ankle strap heels! If the weather is chilly, think of layering a long wool trench coat or a faux leather jacket over top.

Work or In the Office

Now, let’s say up front that not every office will consider these leggings appropriate in the workplace. However, some businesses favor a more business casual look. With those kinds of companies, you can use these faux leather leggings as an alternative to a regular pair of pants. But, regardless of the type of office you work in, wear faux leather leggings with a top that completely conceals your butt. A straightforward solution is to dress in long blazers, heels, and leggings that seem like a pantsuit.

Lounging in Your Home 

Leggings are also perfect for lounging around the house if you have nothing else to wear. The ideal at-home Netflix marathon wardrobe includes leggings, an oversized white t-shirt, a slouchy cardigan sweater, and slippers. Keep it toasty and comfortable. (2)

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