What Shoes to Wear with Spanx Leggings (Ideas)

Choosing shoes to pair with Spanx leggings depends on the style you’re going for. When paired with the right clothing and shoes, you can dress them up or down for any occasion. Heeled shoes work best if you want to dress sharply, but white sneakers will work perfectly fine for casual outfits.

We’ll give you a rundown of the perfect shoes and clothes to wear with Spanx for any occasion. 

Styling Your Spanx for The Occasion

Let’s face it; we’ve all been in situations where we accidentally overdressed or underdressed. The best way to avoid that is to center your outfits on the event or occasion you’re going to. For example, if you’re going to an office party, you’ll want something sharp yet fun – after all, it’s not every day that you can express your style at work. 

You can start by seeing some of our outfit ideas for Spanx faux leather leggings, then experiment with other similar styles to see which one fits you. 

For the Office or Workplace

spanx leggings as office pants
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Office slacks aren’t your only pants options for office wear. 

Leather leggings are stylish yet sophisticated pieces you can pass off as classy office attire. You can treat your Spanx leggings as office pants, provided that they fully cover your butt and legs. Select a classy and sharp top that covers the top portion of your butt, then wear the perfect blazer on top of it. Choose any of your favorite work heels to complete the look. 

Hold up, don’t get too excited about showing off your faux leather leggings to work. 

Let’s face it; not every company has the same rules for their dress code. It’s best to use Spanx leggings for offices and workplaces that take on a business or smart casual approach.

Find out if your workplace has strict wardrobe rules – particularly regarding employees wearing leather leggings. It’s always best to err on caution if you feel that Spanx faux leather isn’t allowed in the office. 

For a Comfy Weekday 

Wearing faux leather leggings is all about staying comfy while being stylishly dressed. 

Spanx is comfortable to move around in and naturally highlights your body’s figure and assets. That’s because Spanx is a unique shapewear that goes with many of your comfy closet staples. You can pair it with a beloved chunky sweater or any shirt. Spanx makes it incredibly easy to stay fashionable while running errands during the weekday. 

For these comfy fits, ankle boots are your best friend. 

Ankle boots elevate your comfy outfit and give it a unique grungy look. Furthermore, it adds another layer of personality that transforms your comfy look into a fashionista-like fit.

For Coffee Dates

classic oversized cardigan
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Nothing screams coffee date more than the classic oversized cardigan or sweater paired with leather leggings. There’s no need to overthink these perfectly comfortable and fashionable outfit ideas. You only need a pair of white sneakers or boots to round them off. In fact, Kizik shoes for women are a fantastic choice.

A good way to decide whether to wear sneakers or boots is to play off the color scheme of your outfit. If your outfit is leaning towards lighter colors like neutrals and pastels; white sneakers are the way to go.

Avoid color blocking since it can ruin how the outfit’s colors complement each other. 

For a Sporty Look

It’s common to mistake faux leather leggings for yoga pants from afar, so why not take advantage of that and opt for a sporty look?

Athleisure outfits are the perfect marriage between casual and exercise outfits. Pair your Spanx faux leather with any dry-fit top, and finish it with running shoes. The figure-flattering aspect of the faux leather leggings will lift your thigh and bum area, giving you that natural athlete look. 

For a Classy Night Out

night life outfits
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Mix up your nightlife outfits by incorporating Spanx faux leather leggings. 

The key is to layer individual clothes to build a classy and elegant outfit. Dressy tops like lace tops and long-sleeved tunics are every fashionista’s first choice when you wear leather leggings. For colder seasons, you can elevate your outfits further by wearing a long coat or blazer on top.

Ankle strap heels or heeled boots are the perfect pair of shoes for your classy night out. These will elongate your legs and give an additional flair complementing your outfit. 

Combine Spanx with Your Favorite Wardrobe Pieces

Sometimes, you want to pair your Spanx leggings with a specific wardrobe piece, and who says you can’t?

From graphic shirts to tunics, faux leather leggings pair well with many types of clothing. All you need to make them work is to know how to match and layer your outfits. Once you learn that, you can pair the leather leggings with anything. 


white shirts
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Shirts are the building block of many outfit ideas. You can downplay them to be casual or combine them with other pieces to style them. 

Oversized, fitted, graphic – it doesn’t matter which since you can wear faux leather leggings with any shirt. Wearing the shirts alone will automatically give you a casual look, but layering it with a sweater and jacket will give it a more stylish vibe. 

White sneakers or ankle boots are great choices to finish off your shirt and faux leather leggings outfit. 


The days when blazers are only worn as officewear are long behind us. 

Blazers are excellent ways to dress up your Spanx faux leather leggings. Colorful patterned blazers are the way to go if you’re looking for modern chic outfits. In contrast, sharp dark colored ones will lead you to a more sophisticated route. Blazers can effectively work for any date, holiday, or work outfit. 

For a sophisticated or chic look, heels will always work well for Spanx leggings and blazers. 

Denim Jackets

denim jackets
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Denim jackets are great investments since their thick, durable material means they will last for years. 

Make the most of your denim jackets by pairing them with Spanx faux leather leggings. Lighter-toned denim jackets work particularly well with black Spanx since they offer some color contrast. Wear your favorite shirt underneath and take your outfit to the streets or any major event. 

Any pair of sneakers or boots will work well for a denim jacket. Just be mindful of the overall color scheme you are going for. 


Is anything more comfortable yet fashionable than the classic sweater and Spanx leggings combination?

Oversized sweaters – especially those loose on the shoulder – work particularly well for Spanx leggings since they have contrasting fits. You can tuck it in the front or back if the excess length bothers you, but it still looks great when untucked. 

White sneakers and thigh-high boots are proven shoe pairings for your sweater outfits. 

Button Down Shirts

button down shirts
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If we’re talking about all-time favorite wardrobe pieces, we can’t forget the classic button-down shirt. 

Button-downs are versatile pieces that you can wear in any season. You can wear it over cropped shirts or tank tops during summer. They’re also great pieces to layer with during spring. And, of course, button-ups with cardigans are a favorite outfit combination during fall and winter. You can play around with button-ups by tucking or untucking them from your faux leather leggings. 

We highly recommend wearing ankle boots or heels for your button-down shirt outfits. 

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