Benefits of Wearing Spanx (Health and Beauty)

From weight loss to correcting your body’s posture, there are plenty of benefits from wearing Spanx.

Wearing shapewear is more than just making your body look great; it’s also about how it can reshape your body for the better. Many people have incorporated Spanx into their usual wardrobe to maximize the benefits it can bring. Discover what Spanx can do for your body by reading below. 

Instant Improvements in Your Appearance

The main benefit of wearing Spanx is instantly changing your body’s appearance. 

Spanx shapewear hugs your body’s natural figure and contours it to highlight its striking features. For some people, this means using Spanx as a body shaper to change their figure into a fantastic hourglass shape. At the same time, others might use it to highlight and provide more definition to their natural curves.

You can easily get your desired appearance by selecting the right Spanx type. 

Easy to Wear and Conceal 

If you still believe that Spanx only has tight-fitted boyshorts, then we’re here to correct that misconception.

Wearing shapewear has never been easier, thanks to Spanx’s wide range of products. This body-shaping clothing now comes in varying lengths, cuts, and types – allowing you to wear it without the constant worry of it being seen through your clothes. You can wear Spanx underneath dresses, shorts, and even sportswear. 

Improves Posture and Additional Back Support

Spanx doubles as a posture improver thanks to the compressive nature of the design and fabric. 

First, you’ll try to straighten your back to relieve some pressure on your lower back. You might even find it annoying and tiring, but as you slowly get used to it, you’ll eventually find yourself in the proper posture without thinking about it. Spanx provides a gentle yet constant compression that guides you through standing straighter and firmer. 

Another benefit that Spanx has to your posture is additional support to the lumbar and lower back areas. 

Spanx typically comes with a thick, compressive elastic band around the stomach and back. This provides much-needed support that alleviates some pressure off the lower back. This release of pressure also reduces pain and discomfort in the lumbar and lower back areas due to long periods of sitting. 

Abdominal Support

Many people use Spanx to hide unwanted fat in the stomach, but did you know it can improve your abdominal muscles?

We’re not saying that Spanx can instantly give you muscled abs overnight, but constantly wearing it will help strengthen your abdominal muscles. Spanx doubles as an abdominal binder that assists in the restoration of muscles. It helps pull the muscles to their proper position and keep them there. Eventually, your internal organs will also follow the abdominal muscles and shift to their proper places.

The additional abdominal support is especially useful for women that recently gave birth. 

It can be overwhelming to see pregnancy’s changes to your figure. Wearing a body shaper like Spanx can boost your confidence by helping you regain your pre-pregnancy appearance. All you need is patience while the Spanx slowly does its job. 

Additional Waist Training 

waist trainer spanx
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If you ever dreamed of getting a chiseled, well-defined body, then wearing shapewear is a great way to help achieve that. 

Shapewear like Spanx also serves as a waist training device that helps you lose weight and even build muscle definition! Wearing shapewear compresses and holds the body’s muscles together; this promotes blood flow throughout the muscles to help repair and develop. Better blood flow means more oxygen is delivered to the muscles, which carry nutrients and flush out harmful toxins. 

Not only does Spanx make your body look great, but it also helps with weight loss and enhances muscle development. Moreover, thanks to its breathable and flexible material, you can wear Spanx when exercising or playing sports. 

Tips to Make Wearing Spanx More Comfortable

Beauty shouldn’t come at the price of pain. There are more benefits to reap if you make your Spanx more comfortable. Well-fitted Spanx can better support your muscles without pain or extreme tightness.

Choose the Right Size

choosing the right size of spanx
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Tighter doesn’t mean better when it comes to Spanx. 

If anything, Spanx that is too tight can make you look worse since it produces bulges. The worst-case scenario is when you feel a tingling or numb sensation; this is a sign of restricted blood circulation. Cases like these are more prominent with Spanx, which covers the lower body since it can easily restrict blood circulation in the lower legs. 

Prevent these from happening to you by choosing the right Spanx size.

Don’t Wear Spanx For Extended Periods

Wearing Spanx for too long does more harm than good. 

It’s tempting to wear Spanx for hours to hasten weight loss, but this can be dangerous for your body. Always compressing your abdominal area can lead to possible acid reflux conditions. It can put too much pressure on your internal organs and make muscle movement difficult. Some possible side effects of wearing Spanx for too long are acid reflux, heartburn, and acid reflux GERD conditions. (1)

Take a break from wearing Spanx once you feel discomfort around the abdominal area. 


(1) Maryland Surgery Center – Activewear Dos and Don’ts for Heartburn Sufferers –

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