Does Spanx Help Shape Your Body?

By the end of this post, you’ll know whether Spanx can shape your body or not. 

Many people do outrageous things just to get into their favorite outfits. In spite of that, one extra inch can ruin everything for them. That is why most women rely on Spanx. It might be time for you to join the club. But does Spanx help shape your body? Well, let’s find out. 

In general, when you are wearing Spanx under your clothes, it flattens your body. This temporary change of your body shape will give you the confidence you need to wear your most charming outfit. But wearing shapewear will not change your body permanently.

Let’s go into more detail below.

How Shapewear is Intended to Work?

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Whether you wear body shape Spanx or not, understanding how they work will help you a lot.

For instance, Spanx can help you get rid of those curves on your tummy. Simply, it levels those extra fats into more desired areas. When that happens, your body gets reshaped. Then, you can wear any outfit without hesitation, knowing that you look gorgeous.

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However, wearing body shaper Spanx is a temporary solution for reshaping your body. If you are looking for more concrete solutions, eating healthy diets and using exercise routine shapewear such as waist trainers are good options.

Spanx Tip: You should choose Spanx according to your current body size, not according to what you like.

Can Spanx Hide Cellulite?

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Yes, Spanx can hide the appearance of cellulite.

The main purpose of Spanx is to smooth any curves and bumps in your body. That being said, you can find three different variations for Spanx.

  • 1st variation is smoothing. It has a base layer that can smooth out any bumps.
  • 2nd variation is shaping. This type of Spanx comes with extra compression and firming abilities.
  • 3rd variation is sculpting. Choose the 3rd type for total transformation with maximum compression. This is the best choice for optimal slimming and perfect lifting.

Famous Shifted Organ Myth

When talking about Spanx, I cannot leave out one famous myth that revolves around the shapewear from the beginning.

Does shapewear shift my internal organs? Let’s debunk.

No, wearing shapewear doesn’t shift or misplace your internal organs.

It is completely a myth. This myth came to life from the stories of people that went to extreme lengths to shape their bodies. For instance, wearing steel-boned corsets and extreme waist trainers can be too much for your body. You should know the limitation that comes with being a human. So, wear something gentle.

Always remember that reshaping your body is a step-by-step process. You won’t get there in a day or two. For starters, use a waist trainer maximum of eight hours a day.

When Should I Wear Spanx?

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You can wear Spanx to formal events, brunch, the office, the gym, and wherever you want.

How to Find the Best Spanx Size for Me?

To find your Spanx size, you’ll need a few measurements. Measure your hip, waist, bust, etc. Then compare the measurement with a Spanx size chart.

Reshape Your Body Steadily

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The process of reshaping your body should be done gradually. You should never rush into it. Whether you follow a daily exercise routine or wear a waist trainer, don’t rush. Instead, follow a balanced routine every day. With that in mind, here are some tips for using Spanx and waist trainers.

Size Matters

Always measure your body size and choose accordingly. The shapewear should be comfortable to wear. Choosing smaller sizes of shapewear might cause a lot of pain.

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While using waist trainers, if you feel any discomfort or pain, change the size of the waist trainer.

Don’t Wear It for Too Long

Never wear shapewear for too long. Eight hours a day is more than enough. Exceeding these limits will cause uncomfortable outcomes. Also, try to follow this routine every day.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

While doing such activities, you might sweat a lot. So, keep your body hydrated. Keep the water intake at optimal levels. Remember, dehydration will lead to kidney issues, dizziness, low blood pressure levels, and many other effects. (1

Keep It Cool

Cool your body before wearing any shapewear. Wearing shapewear while you are sweating can be a horrible experience. So, wait until your body gets completely dry.

Let It Settle Down

After you wear the Spanx, do a big wiggle using your legs and arms. It will help Spanx to settle down. You’ll feel more comfortable after doing this.

Spanx Tip: After wearing the Spanx, move around the room for a few minutes (before wearing the outfit). 

Gain a Better Posture with the Posture Girdle

woman wearing posture girdle

It doesn’t matter what kind of dress you wear; without the correct posture, the value of the dress might go to waste. Wearing a posture girdle is an excellent method to correct your posture. It will take time. But gradually, you’ll feel the difference. Whether you wear a waist trainer, Spanx, or sitting at an office desk, these posture girdles can correct your posture. It will prevent any back problems. (2)

Unlock Your True Beauty

If you are looking for a clothing item that can slim down your body, Spanx is the best solution. Even though the change is temporary, most women have faith in these things. So, if you haven’t worn any body shaper Spanx yet, buy one and unlock your true beauty.

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