Spanx for Dogs (A Hilarious Satire Take on Pet Fashion)

Does Spanx for dogs exist? Why do we keep hearing about this?

Interestingly, there’s no such thing as Spanx for dogs! The trend came from a satire(joke) video created by Saturday Night Live. The video showcased Kim Kardashian as she advertised a shapewear brand, Skim Shapewear, that highlights the curves of thick dogs.

Is Spanx for dogs possible, and how will wearing it affect your dog? We’ll answer and delve deeper into those questions below. 

Is Spanx for Dogs Real?

Before anything else, we’d want you to know that Spanx for dogs is not real. 

Spanx for dogs came from a satire video created by the comedy sketch and variety show Saturday Night Live or SNL. The video featured Kim Kardashian introducing a fake shapewear product designed for “thick dogs” called Skims Shapewear. The shapewear claimed to accentuate any dog’s curves comfortably, no matter how big or thick they are, and transform them into certified designer dogs. 

Spanx for dogs became a hit on the internet thanks to Kim Kardashian and cute dogs. 

Kim Kardashian is already a well-known figure due to her hit show “Keeping Up with The Kardashians,” so seeing her in a comedy sketch further riled up her fans. Fans quickly jumped onto the joke and started posting comments about how Skims Shapewear changed their dogs’ lives. And knowing how obsessed the internet is with cute dogs, the joke even reached people that haven’t seen the satire video. 

So far, no fashion or pet-clothing brand is making Spanx for dogs a reality.

There’s no real reason to make shapewear for dogs. Dog owners don’t need to make their dogs look slimmer or accentuate their curves. A bit of chubbiness on your dogs only makes them cuter. 

Is It Safe for Dogs to Wear Spanx?

While Skims Shapewear isn’t a real brand, nothing stops you from creating shapewear for thick dogs, but is it safe?

Technically, it’s safe for dogs to wear shapewear – provided that it isn’t too tight that it becomes uncomfortable. It’s the same concept as buying clothes and costumes to dress up your dog: it shouldn’t restrict movement, especially for dogs that like to run around and play. 

On the other hand, wearing clothes can benefit your dogs.

Furry and thick dogs have the advantage of keeping warm during colder seasons, but dog breeds with little to no fur may need some extra help.

Sweaters add another layer of insulation for dogs during winter. Snow boots also help your dog stay safe when talking across icy roads. Another beneficial clothing item is an anxiety vest. These vests give dogs extra assurance and security during stressful situations like thunderstorms and fireworks shows. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you should dress up your dog. The most important thing to note is your dog’s well-being and comfort. (1)

Let them be if your dog doesn’t seem to mind the clothes, but consider removing them if they show irritation or discomfort.

Bonus: Concept Art 🙂

image 23 1


(1) Is it ok to dress up my pet? – PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) –

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