Can You Sleep in a Waist Trainer

Most of us implement specific strategies to shape our figures. Some may start wondering, “can you sleep in a waist trainer?” Experts agree that prolonged use of a waist trainer can have specific health-damaging side effects. 

Can you sleep in a waist trainer?

Many people claim that sleeping in a waist trainer can have great benefits. However, the medical community has shown that this can be somewhat detrimental to women who do so. A waist trainer can be a practical accessory when used for short periods.

Using a waist trainer for 8 hours or more can bring some of the following complications during the sleep period.

sleeping in waist trainer
  • Digestive difficulty: A waist trainer has the characteristic of compressing the entire mid-body area of women to help achieve a slimmer figure. Using a waist trainer may cause the digestive system and the organs in the central part of the body to be compressed too much. When this happens, there is an impact on acid reflux. In other words, this can make it somewhat difficult to digest different foods during the night. (1)
  • Shortness of breath: For the body to repair itself, an extended period of sleep is required. It needs a set of components, such as oxygen. Using a waist trainer during sleep restricts the oxygenation of the body. A waist trainer compresses the lungs reducing the lung capacity. (2)
  • Different physical discomforts: A waist trainer can notably impair sleep during the night due to other physical pains produced by it. The waist trainer prevents the person from enjoying a deep and restful sleep. A shallow rest cannot provide proper body repair. 

Can you use a waist trainer 24/7?

Using a waist trainer for the first time requires excellent oversight and safety. People only recommend using an hour the first time you use a waist trainer.

waist trainer for 247

It is necessary to allow the body to get used to this new accessory to see results and avoid side effects. It is not good to use the waist trainer seven days a week and 24 hours a day. You could see the first results within a week or two by incorporating a physical exercise routine and a nutritious diet.

Consistently incorporating this accessory with exercise and diet will provide much more noticeable results within three to six months. The total usage time of a waist trainer may vary depending on the individual.


It is not good to sleep with a waist trainer when you want to avoid side effects. A waist trainer can be a handy accessory to combine with physical activity. It is necessary to know the best way to use this accessory. Following proper use can help you avoid different side effects that can considerably damage your health. 

You may check the Yianna Waist Review here, and one more learning guide answering the question: Does sleeping with a waist trainer help lose weight? and Is it bad to sleep with a waist trainer? Find out the answers! Until our next article!

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(2) oxygenation – oxygenation –

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