Do Spanx Make Your Bum Look Smaller

Spanx are a popular style of underwear, but do they actually make your bum look smaller? We take a look.

Spanx is the current fashion epidemic. Many women every day obtain new pairs of shapewear to slim down a size. Most purchase the product to decrease belly fat’s visibility. However, there exist Span types that can tamper with the shape of the butt and thighs.

Spanx can make your bum look smaller or larger, depending on the model you purchase. You can find body shapers that accentuate the buttocks area, as well as models that tone down its shape.

I’ll go into more detail below.

What is Spanx?

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Spanx is a shapewear brand founded in Atlanta, Georgia.

The company mainly offers:

  • Bodysuits
  • Waist-cinchers
  • Activewear
  • Undergarments
  • Leggings

Compression garments the company offers fit tightly around the body’s shape.

They create a thinner silhouette, highlighting curves and hiding bumps and fat in several body parts. They are ideal for clothes with a tight fit. Even though they might seem uncomfortable, fabric technology has evolved to make the products lightweight and breathable.

Some undergarments are designed to accentuate areas of the body (i.e., butt, thighs), and some to hide bumps (i.e., belly fat).

Permanent or Temporary Fix?

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Many women wonder if their body shape will alter if they keep wearing Spanx.

In truth, Spanx does not alter your figure permanently. Their function is to lift and support several body parts while the user is wearing them. That happens because compression garments do not help one lose weight.

Note that constantly wearing Spanx and other shapewear garments might create health hazards.

What Types of Shapewear Exist?

Spanx and other companies have stepped up their production with many different garments with several functions.

One can mostly find on the market:

  • Controlling camisoles
  • Corsets
  • Arm shapers

The above products refer to belly and arm fat. However, there exist models designed for the buttocks area and thighs.

1. Controlling Tights

woman in white pants before and after wearing spanx
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Controlling tights are for women that try to conceal large areas of fat.

What they do is tighten the hips, calves, and belly. They can also talk in the bum. However, it depends on the model whether they will tuck in the butt or lift it.

One can wear this type of garment under dresses or skirts.

2. Controlling Shorts

Controlling shorts have the same function as the controlling tights.

The only difference is that the areas that they cover are less wide. The main areas are the bum thighs and tummy. One can consider several lumps and bumps and smooth out their figure. People can wear them under skirts and dresses as well as pants (i.e., jeans, office trousers, etc.)

Whether certain areas will be accentuated or slimmed down depends on the product and the manufacturing elements.

3. Body Shapers

Body shapers have a different coverage than controlling tights and shorts.

These undergarments provide full coverage beginning from the chest until the buttocks area. People can wear them under any dress, shirt, skirt, or pants.

Most of the time, these body shapers do not require a bra.

4. Control Pants

woman wearing control pants
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Control pants have a similar shape to body shapers.

The difference is that they do not cover and support the bust. They can lift the buttocks area and slim the waist and belly. Their shape is ideal for outfits that leave uncovered parts of the back and bust. You can wear them with any piece of clothing you own.

In the market, pants are manufactured with many fabric types, such as faux leather leggings.

5. Singlets

Singlets are quite similar to body shapers.

They come with only two differences that some people find quite compelling. First, one can wear a plunging bra underneath it, allowing the user to wear dresses with a very low bust. Sometimes, their coverage area includes the upper part of the legs, slimming down the thighs.

Many women choose the lacy forms of singlets to make them appear fancier.

6. Half Slips

You can find that half slips are also known as control slips.

They have similar functions to body shapers, as they provide a slimmer figure. One of their advantages is that they have a dress form, which allows the user to wear a mini dress or mini skirt. It has the form of a pencil skirt, providing support and pressure to the waist, tummy, thighs, and buttocks area.

Some women find them extremely comfortable since they do not get tight around the thighs.

7. Dress Slips

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Dress Slips are almost identical to the half slips.

As its name implies, all dress slips cover the whole center of the body, starting from the bust and ending at the upper part of the legs. It provides a supplementary layer of support under a dress and full coverage.

You can choose from different types of necklines and the option of built-in bras.

Can Spanx Make Your Bum Look Smaller?

The quick answer is both yes and no.

Compression undergarments have the purpose of slimming the figure. Thus, they can make the body shape, along with the buttocks area, seem smaller. However, Spanx might make your bum look bigger if you choose a lifting-up product.

Whether the intent is to tone down the bum or increase its volume, one must choose their ideal undergarment type.

When Does Spanx Make Your Bum Look Smaller?

Spanx can make your bum look smaller if its sole purpose is to tighten the areas of coverage.

The pressure applied might decrease the volume and flatten the bum. That can happen when the undergarment is too tight or has specific shaping properties. You can find out what support your body shaper offers on the packaging or instructions manual.

You can opt for a different product if you want to highlight your bum.

When Does Spanx Make Your Bum Look Bigger?

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Over time, companies have developed several types of support which depend on users’ needs.

The most common way to make your bum look larger is when the product has a built-in supporter or lifter. You can ensure that your Spanx has a lift-up in the product specifications section.

There is another way that Spanx adds volume to your bum. Depending on each person’s body shape, the tightness can provide a larger-looking butt. You can find out if a specific undergarment shows off a larger bottom, as there are no guidelines to follow.

Some elements that affect the lifting of the buttocks area are the fabric and the stitched join type.

Example: Spanx Booty Boost Active Leggings

spanx booty boost active leggings
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The product is especially beloved by many Holywood stars, actresses, and many other women.

From Jennifer Garner to Kourtney Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon, the Spanx Booty Boost Active Leggings became swiftly famous. More and more people started to wear them because of their main advantage: buttocks lifting.

The product is an item that can be worn outdoors without needing coverage by trousers or a skirt. They are comfortable and tight without confining the body or preventing any movement. They can conceal cellulite, camel toe on the legs, and lower belly fat. They prevent sweat marks, allowing the skin to breathe under the fabric.

The Spanx Booty Boost Active Leggings will leave you feeling gorgeous, confident, and comfortable at the same time.

Another Alternative

There exists an alternative to the full coverage of the burrocks area if you want to keep your bum unaltered.

Some companies offer compression garments that cover the stomach and waist, but they have a thong-like shaped bottom. That allows the wearer to tighten their lower belly area and show their natural bum.

Depending on your current needs, you can find many similar alternatives on the market.

Wrapping Up

The main goal of most people wearing body shapers is to look thinner and feel more confident.

Whether you choose faux leather leggings or a compression undergarment, you can rest assured that you will achieve the best possible body shape, if not the ideal. Most products can make your waist, belly, arms, and thighs look much smaller.

There exist shapewear from many companies, such as Spanx, that also alternate the shape of the bum.

Some models make the bum look smaller, and some accentuate the bottom figure. You can find out what the result will look like by either trying it on or reading the information on the package’s specifications.

If you want to leave your butt unaltered, you may opt for a thong-shaped compression undergarment.

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