Beyonce Spanx (Photos and Times We Caught Her)

Beyonce is one of the most iconic and well-known celebrities in the world. We discuss and show her famous Spanx moments below!

Queen Bey is a role model for almost every woman. The singer always amazes and leaves everyone in awe of her abilities and style. However, she is still a human with flaws and imperfections. She has admitted and declared her love for Spanx after she was caught wearing them on many occasions.

Our Queen Bey has revealed that she wears Spanx and is a fan of the product. She has been seen wearing them during the following:

  • Her performance in Times Square in 2006
  • Her performance with Bruno Mars during the Super Bowl halftime in 2016
  • Her attendance at Rihanna’s third annual Diamond Ball in 2017

I will go into more detail about Beyonce’s relationship with Spanx below.

1. Performance in Times Square (2006)

beyonce at good morning america singing irreplaceable
Video | 1.beyonce

During Queen Bey’s performance in Times Square, the singer had to face a minor wardrobe malfunction.

She was wearing a leopard-patterned dress, apparently not resistant to air gusts. While singing, her dress was entrained by the wind, revealing the nude Spanx she had put on. Naturally, Beyonce shook it off and continued her performance without a care in her mind.

It was one of a few occasions when people started feeling connected to their icon and role model. The thought that Beyonce has a perfect body can sometimes be intimidating. Yet she is wearing Spanx, which creates moments where most fans can relate to her and appreciate that she is also a human being with certain flaws.

Many people started feeling more comfortable talking about Spanx after that event.

2. Super Bowl Halftime (2016)

beyonce at NFL super bowl
Video | NFL

During her Super Bowl halftime performance, Beyonce did not wear Spanx but opted for an alternative.

Since a Spanx wouldn’t work with her outfit, she admitted wearing four pairs of net stockings simultaneously. She specifically said to The View’s audience, while tapping on her thighs, in 2010, “You have to keep it all supported.”

During that interview, Queen Bey and her mother, Tina Knowles, declared Spanx the “best thing ever made.” Tina Knowles even shared a tip to keep Spanx in place: pinning it to the bra.

Many performers, such as Christina Grady, also wear multiple net tights. She claimed that she always wears at least two pairs of net stockings during her shows and supports Queen Bey’s method. Net stockings are necessary for most performers since they allow for natural skin-toned support with similar effects to those of Spanx.

Numerous performers, among them, is Beyonce, have stated that the two-or-more pairs of stockings make them feel more secure and keep everything “in.”

3. Rihanna’s Third Annual Diamond Ball (2017)

beyonce with jay-zee at the real daytime
Video | The Real Daytime

In 2017, Beyonce had just given birth to her twins, Sir and Rumi, and then attended Rihanna’s third annual Diamond Ball.

She was walking alongside her husband, Jay-Z, wearing a high-slit gown when a gust of air revealed her Spanx. She gracefully smiled through the event and seemed unbothered.

Although many were left speechless, everyone was shocked at her genius Spanx hack. She had cut off the side where her dress split, leaving her leg bare. Many Spanx lovers tried her hack after the event.

Queen Bey wearing Spanx relieved many of her fans, reminding them that even queens sometimes need a little support once in a while.

Wrapping Up

Beyonce, a mom of three, singer, songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur, is many people’s role model and queen.

However, she is also a human being with ups and downs. Even her amazing figure sometimes needs a small boost, and Spanx, as she has made clear, is her best friend.

Alongside her mother, they both use the product, and our Queen Bey also wears Spanx during her performances. She has created many hacks to replace or alternate Spanx depending on her outfit, and the result always turns out gorgeous.

Her wearing Spanx helps her fans connect with her on a different level. They realize their beloved idol also occasionally feels as uncomfortable in her skin as they do.

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