Spanx Before and After Pictures (and What to Expect)

Have you ever felt self-conscious about your body? Do you want to know if wearing Spanx is worth it? 

Maybe you just want to see some pictures for motivation or ideas of what you’re in for. We’ve compiled some great before and after pictures in Spanx to show you what the average wearer can expect.

Let’s dive in.

Spanx Before and After Pictures

Here are some stories and before and after pictures:


Olivia, also known as Self Love Liv, began her Instagram account to track her recovery from anorexia and self-harm.

While her feed is full of solid and body-positive messages, one recent post, in particular, struck a chord with her fans, and it’s simple to understand why.

Olivia boldly demonstrates how much of a difference basic shapewear can make to your natural form in a side-by-side comparison. She said she originally bought the shapewear to wear under a figure-hugging garment. She rapidly understood, however, that it would not work for her.

She uses high waist shapewear to cover her fat. This high waist shapewear gives her significant differences from the second picture on the right. High waist shapers changed her looks before and after from right to left, respectively. 

Olivia found the high waist shapers extremely uncomfortable, making her feel like she couldn’t breathe. But the experience wasn’t entirely negative. It gave Olivia a greater appreciation for her body.


Hello, my name is Kristin. I’ve always believed that if you have certain squishable body parts, the key to a slimmer-looking body is wearing shapewear, specifically the leading of shapewear: Spanx.

Itskristinchirico wearing spanx under her dress

These are made out of a soft material, and as long as you can tuck them under the band of your bra, they won’t turn into a human-sized hair tie. “If you insist on wearing shapewear, having the straps take the pressure off your ribcage far outweighs the disadvantages of completely undressing every time you need to pee. The Spanx tights did that where the top of your body rolls down until you’re mercilessly slaughtered, but hey, anything for beauty, right?”

In this picture, she wears Spanx shorts to make his butt more natural. According to her, wearing Spanx products is very comfortable and easy.

Thessaly Juliete


Thessely Juliet back when wearing spanx under a dress (before)
Video | Thessely Juliet


Thessely Juliet back when wearing spanx under a dress
Video | Thessely Juliet

Various Unattributed

woman in plus size wearing a shapewear under a bodycon dress (before and after)

woman in red dress before and after slimming pics

Robert Matthew before and after wearing shapewear

ROBERT MATTHEW wearing tummy high-waisted underdress body shaper (before and after)

control wear worn under dress (before and after)

DIVASTORY tummy control panty worn under a long sleeve bodycon (before and after)

high waist body thigh slimmer shorts girdles (before and after)

ROBERT MATTHEW wearing high-waisted shapewear briefs (before and after)

shaping underwear before and after (worn under jeans)

What Does Shapewear Do?

Compression is the goal of shapewear. Each garment uses different materials to help smooth out problematic areas and generally give you a smoother, more controlled shape. It is accomplished through paneling, seam placement, and compression materials, which can help target different areas of the body shape depending on the desired result.

black high-waisted legging

When worn under clothes, you can change your appearance, giving you the confidence to wear even the most daring outfit. They aren’t, however, magic. When you remove the shapewear, your body remains the same underneath. So, while shapewear may flatter your figure, it cannot permanently alter it.

Thessely Juliet before and after spanx in brown legging
Video | Thessely Juliet

Could Wearing Shapewear Help in Weight Loss?

Losing weight in specific areas can be difficult if you do not enjoy eating healthy and exercising. Shapewear is one of the garments available today which will help you smooth and slim down those difficult areas while looking great in any outfit. 

Can Spanx Brand Shapewear Permanently Reshape Your Body?

Thessely Juliet before and after spanx in green silk dress
Video | Thessely Juliet

The answer is a firm no.

Shapewear is designed to provide instant slimming and control beneath your clothing. A typical shaper offers a thin but firm compression layer that aids in creating a smooth foundation beneath other garments. It can aid in the elimination of common problem areas such as love handles, belly pooch, bulges, and so on. 

So, while shapewear can enhance your appearance, it cannot permanently reshape your body. When you remove a shaper, your natural silhouette remains unchanged.

On the other hand, shapewear can be part of a long-term slimming plan that includes healthy eating and exercise.

A Doctor’s Opinion on Shapewear

Ladies, we’ve all seen the wonders of shapewear – slimming, stretchy undergarments that can help you go down a dress size while making your body appear more petite and firmer.

#1. Observe the Skin’s Reaction

The most common issue with shapewear is skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin and wear the garment for extended periods. Hypersensitivity to the chemicals used to stretch the garments could be to blame.

Irritation or allergy causes the skin to become chafed, red or itchy, and potentially infected. Dr. Wakim-Fleming recommends taking a break from wearing shapewear until your skin clears up, then trying another brand or larger size. And, of course, frequent laundering will keep your body-slimmer clean.

“These garments touch the skin more than any other fabric you are wearing,” Dr. Wakim-Fleming says. “Because it’s synthetic, you can develop irritation.”

#2. Not too Tight

When buying shapewear – or any clothing – make sure you get the right size, advises Dr. Wakim-Fleming. If the garment is too tight around the hips, it can restrict blood flow to the lower legs. One should use common sense and, if uncomfortable, try a larger size.

Ultra-tight shapewear may compress nerves, especially if you are thin, causing tingling or numbness. If you have poor circulation, wearing tight shapewear may aggravate the condition or cause increased swelling in the legs.

Because of its flexible nature, shapewear will not permanently harm your organs, according to Dr. Wakim-Fleming. However, if you wear an incredibly tight body garment for an extended period, it may cause acid reflux, a condition in which stomach contents spill into the esophagus. According to Dr. Wakim-Fleming, one of the first pieces of advice a doctor gives acid reflux patients is to wear looser clothing.

Shapewear may also blame gassiness and bloating after eating because the gas produced during digestion and the air you naturally swallow while eating has difficulty escaping.

Dr. Wakim-Fleming explains that wearing tight shapewear traps the gas inside.

Another potential risk for women in their 50s and older is worsening pelvic organ prolapse due to increased pressure inside the belly. The pelvic organs will drop down and press against the vagina. It can be a significant health issue.

#3. Use your Common Sense

Above all, Dr. Wakim-Fleming recommends using common sense. So, if your shapewear irritates your skin, stop wearing it. Choose the appropriate size. Also, please do not wear them or sleep in them for extended periods.

“People should wear these garments if they want to,” she says. “Unlike jeans or belts, they are extremely flexible, with up to 500 percent stretch.” However, make wise decisions.”

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